JD Advising Celebrates a 100% MPRE Passage Rate

MPRE passage rateWe are extremely proud and happy to announce a 100% MPRE passage rate among all of our MPRE students for the August 2016 MPRE.

JD Advising had some first time takers as well as several repeat MPRE takers (with many of our students being on their second or third time taking the MPRE, and one on their fifth time taking the MPRE).

All of our first time MPRE takers and repeat MPRE takers passed the MPRE.

The highest score that one of our repeat takers received was 120(!!). The average score for our repeat takers was 104.8. The average increase in score was 28 points. The highest score increase was 49 points!

All of our students (first time and repeat takers included) received scores above 86 — which means that they all received a scores which are considered passing in every jurisdiction in the United States. We are very happy with our MPRE passage rate as well as our MPRE scores!

Our MPRE tutor, Meagan Jabbori, worked extremely hard with our students to achieve such a high MPRE passage rate. All of our students are thrilled to have received passing scores.

If you are interested in signing up for our MPRE course or for our MPRE private tutoring sessions please see this link. Below you can also see testimonials for the August 2016 MPRE.

MPRE Testimonials from the August 2016 MPRE:

Meagan_Jabbori_1These testimonials are for Meagan Jabbori (pictured to the left) who tutored each and every one of our passing students!

Meagan is the absolute best tutor! I scored so low on the MPRE the first time. The second time … a 108! A 108 is passing in every jurisdiction. Meagan knows what she is talking about. She knows the in and outs of this exam. Meagan is also kind, patient and an absolute great support system! – August 2016 MPRE taker

I took the MPRE twice before coming to JD Advising. On my first two attempts I went to a seminar held by my school. This seminar gave a brief overview of all of the rules in two hours. I also did a few practice questions on my own. As a result I scored an 81 and then a 77 the second time. On the third attempt I came to JD Advising for one-on-one personalized tutoring with Meagan. I had five two-hour sessions where all of the rules were thoroughly explained in a way that I had not previously heard. I was given an outline where the rules were broken down with examples which made everything understandable. I was given practice questions at the end of each tutoring session to review what I had learned. While studying and doing practice questions at home, Meagan availed herself via email, phone, and text to answer any questions I had. I felt the most prepared going into the MPRE exam this time and obtained a score of 102!
– August 2016 MPRE taker

After taking the MPRE several times and struggling to get a passing score using the BarBri and Kaplan courses, I decided that I needed a different approach to taking the MPRE. Luckily, I heard about JD Advising! Unlike most MPRE courses that provide a lecture video and fill-in-the-blank worksheet, JD advising provides a detailed outline and one-on-one sessions with a tutor. Previously, my highest score was an 82, but after only two tutoring sessions, I was able to increase my score to 105! My tutor, Meagan, is amazing! She’s extremely knowledgeable and working with her made the material easier to understand. Because of the success of their MPRE program, I am excited to take their Bar prep course! – August 2016 MPRE taker

To help prepare for the MPRE, I enlisted the help of JD advising because of their great tutoring help with my law school classes. Before I began any sessions, I was lost with what materials I needed to prepare for, what books I should get, and what score I even needed. JD Advising simplified that all in one answer: a bound outline that included all the information I needed regarding the MPRE. The outline was complete with the goals of the MPRE test, definitions of key-words, rules in the ABA and numerous examples. I was quite impressed with the outline and was the primary source I studied from. The outline was provided in advance of a one-on-one session which allowed me to review the material and come prepared with questions or issues I was struggling on. This maximized our tutoring time and focused on areas I needed to improve on. The one-on-one tutoring provided a perspective that I may not have thought about without the help of someone who has extensive knowledge in the area. Going through hypotheticals with someone in person is invaluable to me and JD Advising was great in helping me understand and master the material. I only needed to take the MPRE once to pass and I will definitely recommend their services to not only family and friends, but anyone that may need help with law school or the MPRE – August 2016 taker

I have taken the MPRE 5 times and passed on the 5th try with a score of 89.  I would definitely recommend Meagan and JD Advising to anyone preparing for the MPRE, especially repeat takers. The exam is completely different from the bar or law school exams and Meagan’s approach to the topics and patience made it less stressful and easy to focus on the material.  The one-on-one tutoring sessions and the practice questions at the end of each session were extremely helpful.  I can’t wait to do bar prep with JD Advising!!  – August 2016 MPRE taker

I took the MPRE for the first time shortly after a two hour study session with JD Advising. Not only did the session make me feel more confident, but my tutor walked me through the exam rules. Meagan helped me identify areas that I was struggling with. She then took the time to explain these portions of the exam to me. At the end of the session we discussed how to best utilize the remaining days I had to study. I passed the exam in no small part thanks to my study session with JD Advising. – August 2016 MPRE taker

I was a first time MPRE taker and passed with flying colors! When I started studying I have no idea what to expect, but with Meagan’s help I was able to confidently walk into the exam. Without her help I don’t think I would have passed! The one-on-one session was extremely helpful, was the packet provided. Meagan took the rules and broke them down to a basic level making it much easier to understand, when I had any doubts the packet had examples to make the rule clear. I would definitely recommend working with Meagan and JD Advising, I have had nothing but great experiences! – August 2016 MPRE taker

Here is another fantastic testimonial from one of our recent students:

                  I graduated from law school in May of 2015 and took and passed the February 2016 Michigan Bar Exam. However, I could not seem to pass the MPRE. I first took the MPRE in March of 2015. I studied through a free online course and thought that I had studied enough. Unfortunately, my score was one point below passing- 84. I then took the MPRE again in March of 2016. I figured that I had passed the bar exam and would definitely be able to pass the MPRE. I used the same online study course again in combination with my flash cards that I had made for the bar exam. The second time, I actually scored one point lower than the first- 83.

                  After failing the MPRE the second time, I was extremely disappointed and felt like I had nowhere to turn. The only requirement that I had left to fulfill was passing the MPRE. I was completely discouraged and embarrassed that I could not successfully pass what I thought was a simple, less complicated exam than the bar. I knew that I could not keep repeating the same study tactics and expect a different result. Thankfully, I noticed JD Advising on Facebook through other friends that had followed them. I did some research and found out that they offered MPRE Tutoring.

                  When I contacted JD Advising, I received an immediate response from Ashley, the owner of the company. She was extremely nice and very supportive. She wanted to know exactly what my goals were so that she could match me with a program that would fit best with my schedule and needs. We decided that tutoring was the best option for me. Ashley put me in touch with Meagan, a tutor at JD Advising, who set up a time to speak with me on the phone so she could explain exactly what tutoring offered. She was extremely helpful and let me know exactly what to expect. I felt comfortable with the team even before stepping foot in the door of JD Advising.

                  I had access to the MPRE materials prior to beginning my tutoring sessions so that I had enough time to work with the material and come to the first session with any questions that I had. Meagan made me feel completely at ease and let me know that the entire point of tutoring was so I could learn in my own way; we had the option to focus on whatever I was having trouble with for any period of time throughout the duration of the session. It was all about tailoring the session to my specific needs. I learn better by going over the outline verbally and asking any questions along the way, and that is exactly how we went through each session. When studying for the MPRE the first two times, I watched videos on each chapter and zoned out in between. I could not ask any questions so anything that I did not understand was never clarified. During our sessions, I was given such a different perspective on concepts that I thought I already knew; I realized early on in tutoring with Meagan that I had not learned the concepts as in depth as I thought.

                I noticed right away that the outline that JD Advising provided was laid out much better than the “free” outlines that I was provided with from other bigger companies. This outline gave me examples in such a straight forward way that I could actually relate to. It was also laid out in a way that made sense. The outline put emphasis on each section in proportion to the emphasis that it was given on the exam. Unlike the other boring, stale outlines I had read, this one was interesting and easy to map out.

                  The combination of the outline and going over it during each session in the way that I learn was what helped me pass this exam. When I studied on my own, I was not sure if I actually understood the material or not. I thought that I understood the video on a chapter, but in reality the video was just an overview and I had to go back and try to understand the outline on my own on top of that. With tutoring, it is two hours during which you get the most out of your time. I was able to go over the material with Meagan and ask questions on the spot so that I truly understood what I was learning.

                After just five sessions with Meagan, I passed the MPRE with flying colors. I received a score of 120 on my MPRE Exam. Not only did I do MUCH better than I thought I would, but I felt extremely comfortable walking into the exam. During the first two failed attempts at the MPRE, I could not sleep at all the night before and was extremely nervous. This time, I knew that I was well prepared; Meagan validated this feeling by reassuring me that I was on track to do well.

             I cannot thank JD Advising enough for offering this service. If they did not offer MPRE tutoring, I am not sure if I would have passed this exam on my third try. I am so grateful for their team who helped me every step of the way. I am especially thankful for Meagan who took the time to answer any questions that I had and who really made sure that I understood the material. All of her examples made sense to me. I was used to being in law school where professors overcomplicated things; it was a breath of fresh air to be able to have a conversation with someone who simplified things that I did not understand.

             I would definitely recommend MPRE tutoring to anyone who is planning on taking the exam. I wish I had signed up for tutoring prior to my first attempt at the MPRE; this would have saved me a lot of time and effort. If I plan on taking another bar exam or UBE in the future, I will definitely sign up for their services again. Thank you Meagan and Ashley!


Happy Student :)

Ashley-Heidemann-Profile-382x356Ms. Ashley Heidemann graduated as the number 1 law student out of over 200 students in her class of 2011 at Wayne State University. She, along with a team of tutors, tutors for the MPRE,  tutors law students and tutors for the bar exam. She also offers a Law School Preparatory Course for students interested in learning the skills necessary to achieve a high GPA in law school.