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JD Advising Free Mock LSAT: November 2, 2019

JD Advising is partnering with Wayne State University Law to host a free mock LSAT on Saturday, November 2 from 10AM to 3PM for students in the metro-Detroit area. The exam will take place at Wayne Law. All are welcome to attend!

JD Advising Free Mock LSAT: November 2, 2019

Taking a mock LSAT is one of the best ways to prepare for the actual exam. Though you may have access to past exams in your studying toolkit, taking the test under proctored conditions alongside other students is invaluable preparation to ensure you are ready for the real thing!

Here are four benefits of taking a mock exam:

1. Discount distractions.

On the actual test day, you’ll be surrounded by many other students. Some might be sick (who will inevitably be coughing/sneezing the whole time). Others might be noisy (groaning or sighing with each new question). Some might feel the need to stretch their arms just a few inches away from you (since testing can be in tight quarters).

The best way to prepare for all of these variables is by taking a mock LSAT alongside other test takers in a simulated testing environment. Nothing will compare to a quiet room in the library where you may study for the exam on your own. But you must learn to not succumb to these inevitable distractions and focus all of your attention on your test.

2. Testing under proctored conditions.

Taking a mock LSAT in a simulated testing environment will also help you work on your timing. When the proctor says time is up, there are absolutely no exceptions to allow you to continue answering the question you were working on. Having a proctor cut off your time will make you hyperaware of your speed, which is a necessity to get as many questions answered as you can.

Proctors also circulate the room throughout the exam. It can be unnerving to feel as if you’re being watched, but again, a mock exam will help you acclimate to their presence and discount their distraction.

3. LSAT is an endurance test too.

The LSAT is over three hours long and requires your utmost focus and attention the entire time. While studying on your, you may focus on learning each section of the exam individually. It is incredibly important that you also sit down and take an exam (or 10) from start to finish without any breaks other than what would be permitted on test day. (You are allowed a 15-minute break between section 3 and 4).

It’s difficult to maintain your focus for a long period of time, but can be equally distracting staving off nerves, hunger, thirst, and drowsiness the entire time. With a little practice and preparation, you can work around all of these things!

4. Mock LSATs are free!

Lastly, preparing for the LSAT can be an expensive endeavor. For our mock exams, JD Advising purchases the right to use real past LSAT exams from LSAC so you don’t have to. Each exam that we administer is completely free to students and an actual exam from the last few years.

To sign up to take our upcoming mock LSAT exam on Saturday, November 2nd from 10AM to 3PM, see the details here.

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