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What are some other JD Advising resources for 1Ls?

JD Advising offers a lot of great resources for 1Ls.

Law school tutoring

Our law school tutors provide personalized, one-on-one tutoring to ensure students learn the skills and strategies needed to succeed in law school. You can pay by the session or sign up for regular sessions with a law school tutor. You can read more about our law school tutoring options here.

Law School One-Sheets

We also have highly regarded Law School One-Sheets, which you can find here! These Law School One-Sheets state the highly tested areas of law for each of your 1L classes, in one page, front and back. They are a great resource to test yourself on whether you know the law and to use as a last minute review!

Prelaw resources

We have excellent services to help students who are already admitted or looking to be admitted to law school. These include:

These are great resources if you are heading into law school or want to maximize your chances of getting into the best law school possible.

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