JD Advising’s MEE One-Sheets Cover Issues in 5 of the 6 July 2017 MEE Questions!

mee one-sheets, mee one-sheets reviews, Easiest Bar ExamsJD Advising’s MEE One-Sheets Cover Issues in 5 of the 6 MEE Questions!

Customers who purchased JD Advising’s MEE one-sheets were fortunate to see issues on 5 of the 6 MEE questions that were also covered by the MEE one-sheets.

Specifically, the following issues were covered by JD Advising’s MEE one-sheets and tested on the exam: 

  • The Constitutional Law question contained a dormant commerce clause issue (a burden-benefit analysis) which was found in the MEE one-sheets and worth 40% of an examinee’s score.
  • The Secured Transactions question contained many issues that were covered by the one-sheets, including a statement of when article 9 applies, attachment, perfection, and the fact that a perfected interest beats an unperfected one. This was 80% of the question.
  • The Decedents’ Estates/Trusts question contained the issues of validity of a will and the incorporation by reference doctrine. Both of these issues were covered by the MEE one-sheets. These comprised 70% of the examinee’s score.
  • The Evidence/Criminal Procedure question tested Miranda (the general rule is covered in our outline), party admission, present senses impression, excited utterance, and effect on a listener — all of which were covered by the MEE one-sheets and which were worth 80% of an examinee’s score.
  • The Civil Procedure/Conflicts of Law question tested the Klaxon rule (which discusses the law applied by federal court in diversity cases where choice-of-law is an issue) and this was approximately 20% of an examinee’s score.

We are very happy to have covered topics found in five of the six questions on the July 2017 Multistate Essay Exam. Our customers were happy too…below are a few testimonials from our July 2017 MEE one-sheets purchasers.

Testimonials from our July 2017 MEE one-sheets purchasers:

I passed the UBE in NJ on my 1st attempt! The MEE sheets were my best investment during bar prep, not only for the content but more so for my sanity. It helped me narrow my focus and eased my mind being able to go through all the possible tested subjects in one place. It’s probably easier to say from my position, but pass/fail you have a great product in those MEE sheets. Thank you for the work you do and your products!

I got a late start to bar prep and I exclusively used your book and 1 pagers to do all of my essay study. I ended up scoring 104 raw, and got curved to a 150.  Many thanks and I would say it is definitely worth the money (and the extra money I spent on 1 day shipping).  Definitely worth more than my $2k external bar prep course.  

I almost reached out directly after the MEE, just to share my sort of wonder at how spot on the one-sheets and predictions were. If I passed, it will be because of them. I came out of the MBE feeling pretty certain I bombed it, missing questions I shouldn’t have missed, due to general fatigue and overwhelm at the obscurity of many of the questions. The 2000+ AdaptiBar/Barbri questions I slowly and carefully reviewed didn’t prepare me. 

I used the one-sheets more toward the end, as a study guide and for final memorization. They are so clear, concise and understandable that I felt less overwhelmed reading them. 

As I said, yes, many things on the MEE were in the one-sheets–Holographic wills, DRR, hearsay, Miranda, Commerce Clause, filing, perfection, and plenty more. 

I have a strong feeling I also blew it on the MPTs, after having not spent much time preparing for them. If I have to take the UBE again in Feb, I’ll certainly be signing up for your entire course. 

As I was studying for the UBE, I found myself overwhelmed on a daily basis. On a weekly basis, I also  genuinely thought about withdrawing. However, I found the  MEE one-sheets alleviated a significant amount of my anxiety and made this exam much more manageable. I have purchased a significant amount of materials from different test preparation companies and none of them are comparable to JD Advising MEE one sheets. On days I just wanted to quit, I  would simply put all my other study materials to the side and read the MEE – one sheets in their entirety and each time I read them I found a significant amount of test anxiety I felt that day was alleviated. I credit JD advising  MEE- one sheets for being part of the reason that I actually was able to make it through test preparation without withdrawing.Thank you JD Advising for producing this product. I would recommend MEE – one notes to everyone because they are succinct, easy to understand, address important areas of law and each time I read them my confidence always improved.

If you are interested in ordering our MEE one-sheets, please visit our MEE one-sheets page here or purchase below. (Note: If you order before 11/2/17, the new updated one-sheets for February 2018 will be shipped on 11/2!)

These "one-sheets" summarize how the NCBE tests each essay topic in one sheet (front and back) per subject. There are 14 "one-sheets" which will help you master the most highly-tested MEE material! They have received excellent reviews from our customers.

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