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Important announcement: July 2014 Michigan Bar Exam results have been released. Those who passed the Michigan bar exam are now listed by seat number on the Michigan Board of Law Examiners website.

Official results of the July 2014 Michigan bar exam have been mailed and applicants can expect to receive those results in a couple of days.  We generally recommend that you wait until you get your official results before you publicly announce whether you passed or failed. So tell your mom , dad, and significant other or whoever, but perhaps wait until you have your official results in your hand before posting it on Facebook or telling the world otherwise. There has been no problem in Michigan that we know of (either now or in the past) in terms of accuracy of posting results, but it is probably the wiser route just in case. Posting by seat number is new. 

We will be updating this post with more information including an overview of what the approximate percentage is of those who are listed versus those who took the exam.

If you passed the July 2014 Michigan bar examination, Congratulations! Check out this Congratulatory Note to those who Pass the Bar Exam, as well as a description of swearing-in ceremonies if you are in Michigan. Michiganders: you will have to attend a swearing-in ceremony of some sort in order to get your P number and practice law. To our knowledge, there is NO other good, detailed information online about what a swearing-in ceremony actually is, so it may be worth it to check out so you know what to expect.

If you did not pass the July 2014 Michigan bar examination, we are very sorry to hear it. Check out this Note to those who Fail the Bar Exam for some encouragement as well as advice on where to go from here.  Remember, you still may have the possibility of appeal depending on what your score is.

What if your seat number is not on the list?

To reiterate from an earlier post, there are two things you should do:

  • First, make sure you had the right seat number. For the February 2014 bar exam (and thus, we suspect it is the same for this exam) the seat number that bar exam students should be looking for is the actual seat number that they were in (which might not necessarily be the same as the original seat number you were assigned).
  • Second, do not panic. Wait for your results to be mailed to you and try not to freak out about it. If you were close to passing, definitely consider the possibility of appeal. Whether you are planning to appeal or considering retaking the exam – or if you want an opinion of what your best route is –  please feel free to contact us for a free consultation, no strings attached.
  • Updated Information: For those who did not pass the MPRE/Character and Fitness: According to the Board of Law Examiners, your number should still be listed by seat number if you passed the bar exam even if you did not pass the MPRE/Character and Fitness. I have received no official statement saying this (historically, it has been the opposite), but this is what the Board of Law Examiners is saying to people over the phone when they call and ask about it.

What was the percentage of people that passed the July 2014 Michigan bar exam?

It is not exactly clear yet – we will have to wait until official results are released. This is in part because the numbers do not make clear the total number of students that took the exam.  Thus, we can estimate the approximate total number of people that passed the exam and we can estimate the approximate total of people that took it.

Based on the numbers and my halfway-trustworthy mathematical calculations:

There are 603 seat numbers listed on the pass list. There are approximately 346 numbers not listed (for those who are also studying the numbers, note that there are large gaps between seat numbers 703 and 748 as well as seat numbers between 955 and 1101, and 1124 and 1202. We can only guess that they are not continuous due to the fact that students took the exams in different rooms and thus we do not include these in our total of “not listed” seat numbers).

If we add those two numbers together, it looks like approximately 949 people took the Michigan bar exam. The percentage of people whose seat numbers are listed appears to be 63.5%.

Again, this is not an official number but it is our best estimate based on the information available.