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July 2019 California Bar Exam subjects have been leaked!

If you are taking the July 2019 California Bar Exam, we have interesting news. (Note: we modified this from our original “good news and bad news” sentence since the news isn’t actually very good in the eyes of most!) July 2019 California bar exam subjects have been leaked. If you are like most examinees, you are probably NOT happy about this. Most examinees are very annoyed and feeling as though they are not rewarded for their hard work studying subjects that are not on the list. Many examinees are also worried the curve will be harder now that the subjects have been released.

To attempt to make it fair for all examinees, the State Bar of California emailed all applicants with a list of the subjects (see below). It said they were providing this out of “an abundance of caution and fairness.”  (Whether this is actually fair is a point up for debate, as the California State Bar did mention on its Twitter that these were released to deans on Thursday, so some students had a three-day “advantage” of knowing the subjects ahead of time. That does not seem too fair to us!)

We have not heard of something like this happening in the past — especially not with a bar exam with as many examinees as the California bar exam.

While you may feel angry, annoyed, (or maybe even happy), the best thing you can do is continue to prepare for the California bar exam with the time left.

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You can also review our free California essay guide here and focus on just the subjects that will be tested! The relevant chapters are below:

July 2019 California bar exam subjects

Good luck on the California bar exam!

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