MBE Scores Increase

July 2019 MBE Scores Increase!

The National Conference of Bar Examiners recently released some data on July 2019 MBE scores across the country. On a positive note, July 2019 saw an MBE scores increase in general, with the average scaled MBE score rising to 141.1. The average in July 2018 was 139.5, meaning the average increased by 1.6 points! This is positive news as it reverses the trend from July 2017 to July 2018, which saw average MBE scores drop by over two points. The average July 2019 MBE scores mark the second-highest it has been in the last five July administrations.

July 2019 MBE Scores Increase!

Past July average scaled MBE scores are as follows:

• July 2007 – 143.7
• July 2008 – 145.6
• July 2009 – 144.5
• July 2010 – 143.6
• July 2011 – 143.8
• July 2012 – 143.4
• July 2013 – 144.3
• July 2014 – 141.5
• July 2015 – 139.9
• July 2016 – 140.3
• July 2017 – 141.7
• July 2018 – 139.5
• July 2019 – 141.1

What does this mean for you?

Unfortunately, this release only gives us the average score, and thus, of course, many will score higher and many will score lower. However, this number does allow for the reasonable conclusion that if you performed at least average on the exam, you will be in a very solid position to pass in nearly every state. In this post, we list the passing MBE scores by state. Understand, however, that most states don’t require a specific MBE score in order to pass – just a specific total score. In the states that don’t, these numbers reflect what score you would need to receive on the MBE in order pass assuming that you received the exact same score on the written portion (meaning you performed equally well on both portions). Thus, you could still do poorly on the MBE, excel on the written portion, and pass the bar exam!

Looking at the list of passing MBE scores by state, notice that only California and Delaware have a higher minimum score than the average July 2019 MBE score. This means that if you did at least an average job on the MBE, you will already be over halfway to passing the bar exam in nearly every state. Even if you are in California or Delaware, remember that you can still pass the bar exam with a strong essay score. All is not lost even if you only hit the average on the July 2019 MBE in those states.

Finally, remember that this number is just an average! If you are hoping for a higher MBE score to make up for a weakness in writing, knowing the average doesn’t mean you didn’t get that high score! According to the release, 45,334 people sat for the MBE in July 2019. Thousands upon thousands of people will have scored higher than the average, and that could easily be you!

All in all, this high average for July 2019 MBE scores is relatively encouraging. It surpasses the minimum MBE score in nearly every state, putting average MBE takers in a good position. If you are a strong writer, then you should feel even better about this news!

The written portion of the bar exam continues to be graded in most states across the country. If you are waiting for your results, good luck from all of us at JD Advising! And remember not to worry too much – it is all out of your hands now!

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