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July 2020 Michigan Bar Exam Appeals — Things to Consider!

If you failed the July 2020 Michigan bar exam, we are very sorry! You may not know the next best step. One option that you may have, depending on your essay score and the quality of your essays, is appealing your bar exam score. If you pass the bar exam on appeal, you will be a licensed lawyer just like anyone else who passed the bar exam.

If you are considering appealing your score, here are some important notes!

You may have an appealable score this administration (whereas you may not have in past administrations…)

Since there is no MBE score for the July 2020 bar exam administration, each point is actually worth much more this administration. In past administrations, if someone received a score of, say, 130, they would need 8-10 points to pass on appeal. This administration, we are finding that some with a score of 130 only need about four points to pass on appeal. So, we are recommending that anyone who scores a 128 or above contact the BLE to see how many points they need to pass on appeal.

This will probably be the only administration where those with lower scores have a chance of winning on appeal.

Interested in a consultation?

In July 2018, the Heidemann Jabbori law firm (founded by the founder of JD Advising and the Lead Course Instructor & Tutor, Meagan Jabbori) wrote all of the appeals that passed in the state. Last July, 7 of 9 appeals passed. Three of those clients received four points on appeal.

Please feel free to email us at [email protected] or call us at 248-228-5547 if you are considering appealing.

Haven’t gotten your score?

You can still do two things right now!

(1) Email the Board and ask them how many points you need to win on appeal. (We recommend emailing, rather than calling, so you have it in writing)

(2) Request your essays, according to the instructions below

michigan bar exam appeals instructions

If you haven’t gotten your score yet, don’t panic. A lot of people think they did terribly once they don’t see their seat number on the pass list, but in the end, they are actually not that far from passing.

Best of luck!!


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