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Kim Kardashian shares JD Advising Tiger King-themed MBE Question on Instagram

Kim Kardashian, who has posted about personalized JD Advising MBE questions before, recently re-posted JD Advising’s Tiger King-themed MBE question on her Instagram story.

She captioned it:

“OMG My law school studying is Tiger King themed today.”

kim kardashian jd advising tiger king themed MBE question

She picked answer choice D “Carole Baskin”

kim kardashian jd advising tiger king themed MBE question

This story was reported by People Magazine and multiple other news sources.

You can read the answer to the Tiger King-themed question here!

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    [email protected]

    Thank you for your comment. I am sorry you are offended by the MBE question. We understand that everyone is working very hard and that everyone is worried about COVID-19. We frequently blog about coronavirus updates and tips in light of the pandemic for this reason. However, we also think providing some entertaining MBE practice questions (and Kim’s answer to the question) doesn’t hurt to lighten things up. We are certainly not trying to downplay the stress that anyone else is under and appreciate your perspective!



    Why do you sensationalize Kim Kardashion as a law student. I find it to be offensive to those of us that are working our hiney’s off too.

    Those of us who are studying under these uncertain Covid 19 requirements for the remainder of this term and finals are more concerned about when we will be returning to our prospective schools while preparing for the bar exam that is in question for July 2020 find that a celebrity and her answers to any MBE just are Just insignificant to say the least .

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