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law school application over holiday breakLaw School Application Over Holiday Break Checklist

If you haven’t yet submitted your law school applications, the holiday break is the perfect time to tie up all of your loose ends. Here are some tips on how to prepare your application using our law school application over holiday break checklist!

Law School Application Over Holiday Break Checklist

1. Secure letters of recommendation.

If you haven’t secured your letters of recommendation yet, stop by your professor or manager’s office in-person to offer a gentle reminder that you’d like to submit your application as soon as the letter is done. Though they may be busy grading exams and spending time with family, be sure that your letter of recommendation is still on their radar before you go on break.

2. Set money aside for application fees.

Money can be tight this time of year and the cost of law school application fees can add up quickly. Don’t let the expense surprise you. Prepare your law school applications over the holiday break by setting money aside for this purpose. If a school has an application fee, it usually ranges between $50-85. If you plan to send out a lot of law school applications, it may require serious budgeting.

Relatedly, don’t miss out of the chance to receive a fee waiver. You can always send the admissions office an email asking if you qualify for one.

3. Ask friends and family to review your essays.

The holiday break is a great time to solicit feedback on your application from classmates not otherwise in school and distant family and friends at gatherings. If you have an attorney or academic in the family, ask them ahead of time if you can give them a copy of your personal statement to review at or after an event. If you have a trusted friend or classmate also applying to law school, offer to swap documents and edit each other’s work.

4. Create a calendar of work.

While you want to prepare your law school applications over the holiday break, it should not consume your entire week! Create a calendar of designated days and times you plan to work on your application. This will help you stay focused and work more efficiently knowing you’ll be rewarded with time off.

5. Put the finishing touches on your application.

Prepare your law school applications over the holiday break by giving your entire application a final and detailed review. This includes all of your optional essays and the e-app itself. Make sure that there are no spelling mistakes or grammatical errors in your application. Be sure to label each document with some combination of your last name, your LSAC number and the type of document. (For example: Smith, LSAC# 12345678, Personal Statement.) You can also convert all of your documents from Word to PDF to ensure that no formatting is altered in the submission process.

Happy holidays and happy application submissions!


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