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Law School Done Right
Finally, a law school book that “gets it”!

There are dozens of books about law school. But if we had to pick just one book to give you the most bang for the buck, it would be Law School Done Right.

Its co-authors are lawyers who excelled at top schools (Michael Seringhaus at Yale, and Brian Savage at Michigan). They’ve gathered their own tips for success, as well as those of many high-achieving colleagues, and presented them in a neat reference book. These folks know what it takes to do law school right!

(Note: we are not affiliated with this book and do not profit from your purchase – we just found the book very valuable and recommend it!)

Law School Done Right a concise little compendium—no filler, just tips. In fact, you can probably read the whole book cover to cover in about fifteen minutes. But don’t let this fool you – it’s a terrific reference, covering everything from selecting a school through to interviews, clerkships, and beyond. And we all know law students have enough to read as it is!

Another reason we love Law School Done Right is that we echo much of what this book has to say right here on our own blog. Below are just some of the tips we find ourselves frequently telling our own students that also appear in Law School Done Right:

Some Tips we Like from Law School Done Right:

“Your 1L grades may well shape your entire legal career.”

This statement is so true and so many students do not realize how much impact 1L year has. It impacts where you interview, what summer job you get, and where you end up once you graduate. Take 1L year seriously! We are happy Law School Done Right gives such great advice to students right away. Even just knowing this can change how you approach law school.

“What you learn from class and what you need to know for the exam are practically mutually exclusive.”

This is another great tip. Many students spend time studying commercial outlines or their casebooks in preparation for the final exam. In reality, whatever your professor says will likely compose 99.9% of your final exam. So it is best to take good class notes – and then focus on those!

“Transferring isn’t as easy as it seems.”

 True again. We talk to a lot of students who assume they will go to X school then transfer to Y school after their first year. It happens but is by no means a guaranteed path. Especially with the competition in law school and the hesitancy to award “A’s” to students!

“If you’re applying to firms or clerkships located far away from your school, be prepared to explain your interest in moving.”

This is so true and so many applicants don’t realize this. If you stare blankly at an interviewer when they ask why you want to move to whatever city they are in, this will be an instant red flag. Tell them why you want to move there – maybe you have family or some other connection. Having an answer ready will make you a better candidate!

So yes, we love this book because it helps reinforce the valuable tips we tell you right here!

There are even some tips even we hadn’t thought of. For instance, Seringhaus and Savage mention a clever way to identify possible topics for your law journal “Note” submission.

Whether you’re thinking of applying to law schools or already enrolled, check out Law School Done Right. We think you’ll find some truly valuable tips! And keep reading JD Advising for even more!

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