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Law School Exam Tutor – Turn B’s into A’s!

Some students wonder how a law school exam tutor can help them, and if it is worth the investment to hire one.

A law school exam tutor can provide you with a huge advantage. If you hire the right tutor, the investment will be relatively small (hundreds of dollars most likely) but the payoff can be huge.

After all, if you get A’s on your law school exams, the opportunities that are opened up are immense! Not only will you have increased opportunities in law school (law review, moot court) but you will have significantly increased employment opportunities (big firm jobs, coveted clerkships, and internships).

Employers focus on one thing when they hire: grades!

So how can a law school exam tutor help you? 

A law school exam tutor can do all of the following:

  • help you learn how to approach essay exams — a time tested strategy of how to spot issues, state rules, and analyze!
  • go through actual past essay exams with you so you feel confident and comfortable
  • review your answers to law school essay exams to make sure you are on track
  • help you with the skill of outlining (and even helping you to create your own outlines!)
  • review substantive areas of law with you
  • create a study schedule that set you up for success

The job of a tutor is simple — help you excel on law school exams!

Interested in hiring a law school exam tutor? 

Our tutoring program was designed by the student who graduated as the #1 law student. Many of our tutors also graduated as the #1 law students in their class (or at the top of their class!).

We have helped students at top-tier ivy league schools as well as students in lower-tier schools.

We have helped students improve their grades drastically so that they could transfer to their dream law schools and get their dream jobs!

You can meet once and test it out to see if we are the right fit for you! Or, you can pay on a subscription basis and get a better deal! (You can cancel your subscription any time!)

Learn more about our law school exam tutoring services here.

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