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Concise one-sheets for law school classes!

The Law School One-Sheets give you an overview of the most important law in your 1L and upper-level courses, in one page, front and back!

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JD Advising's Law School One-sheets

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Are you struggling to understand how all the law you learned fits together? Are you looking for an attack outline for a law school class or final? Are you looking for a last-minute review before a 1L law school midterm or final exam?

    If you answered yes to any of these questions then the JD Advising Law School One-Sheets are perfect to add to your review!
      JD Advising’s Law School One-Sheets can provide a great review of the blackletter law prior to taking your final exam. Each Law School One-Sheet contains the blackletter law for the subject on one page, front and back. There are two one-sheets that are not about the law, but instead on tips to excel in law school! We include rule numbers and case names/facts when applicable. See a sample of a Law School One-Sheet in our gallery! You can get these through electronic download or a laminated copy in the mail! We have Law School One-Sheets for the following subjects:

          • Civil Procedure
          • Contracts & Sales
          • Criminal Law
          • Real Property
          • Torts
          • Constitutional Law
          • Evidence
          • How to excel on law school exams
          • How to write and learn your law school outlines

Trusted by Top Law Firms and Ivy League Schools

Not only do we work with students nationwide, we also partner with firms, including Am Law firms, and law schools, including top 10 law schools, to provide premier bar exam preparation. Our advice has been featured in Above the Law, the National Jurist, and even People magazine after Kim Kardashian gave us a shoutout on Instagram for our personalized bar exam questions!

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What sets JD Advising apart?


The Law School One-Sheets are a great review of the highly tested material in the core law school courses. They were designed by JD Advising’s founder, who graduated as the #1 student in her law school class!


The Law School One-Sheets are updated to reflect the most current law tested on many law school exams. We include rule numbers and case names/facts when applicable.


The Law School One-Sheets are especially good for students looking to get the bigger picture of how all the law school concepts fit together. The One-Sheets also are a great tool for visual leaners. They condense the highly tested law on most law school exams into one page, front and back, to make it more manageable!

A Great Review

The Law School One-Sheets are an excellent review tool for last-minute review. Many students use the One-Sheets right before exams, or throughout the semester to visualize how individual topics fit into the larger subject.


The vast amount of material you need to know for law school exams can be overwhelming. We condense the highly tested rules and material into a convenient page you can carry with you to classes and exams (if allowed by you school/professor)!


Many students tell us they feel more confident about their law school classes and more prepared for their exams after reviewing the One-Sheets.

Law School One-Sheet Sample

Here is a sample of our Criminal Law One-Sheet, front and back.

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Law School One-sheets Details

  • > You can buy the Law School One-Sheets individually or as a set. Pricing options are available on the checkout page.
  • > We offer electronic copies available instantly upon checkout! We also offer hard copies, which are available at zero shipping cost if you choose FedEx Express Saver.
  • > The cost is as follows: $89.99 for instant download or FedEx Express Saver delivery (shipping and taxes included). $104.99 for FedEx 2-Day Express delivery (shipping and taxes included). $119.99 for DHL Express International delivery (shipping included, buyer is responsible for any taxes or duties due at delivery.)

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These law school one-sheets were a lifesaver come fina exams! They really helped me focus my study. I don't know what I would have done without them!

-1st Year Law Student

Excel in your law school classes with the Law School One-Sheets