july 2016 michigan bar exam resultsWhen Should I Start My Law School Outlines?

Many students ask us “when should I start my law school outlines?” To answer this question simply—sooner rather than later!

Most law schools started about two weeks ago, and so this is the perfect time to start the outlining process. Why start so early, you may ask? Well here is why:

When Should I Start My Law School Outlines?
5 Reasons to Start outlining early!!!

1. First, the sooner you start the sooner you will learn the crucial skill of outlining.

This is a skill you will use throughout all of law school. Some students complain that starting early requires them to be constantly revising the outline. If you are revising your outline throughout the semester, this means that you are actually learning the material. That is because at the very beginning of the semester you might not see “the big picture.” But as you get through more material you should.  Don’t forget—learning the material is the point of outlining.

2. Secondly, the earlier you start the more easily you will remember the material.

When you start outlining early on in the semester you are able to work with small chunks of material at a time. We recommend that you set aside specific time each week to outline.  If you have three classes that each meet twice a week, you are outlining only six sessions once a week. This is much better than outlining six weeks of classes! Plus, by working with a small amount of material, say a week’s worth at a time, you are able to digest it. You can actually figure out what you understand and what you don’t. If you are wondering how to learn and regularly actively review your law school outline, please see this post!

3. Another bonus of starting to outline early in the semester is that you will have time to actually learn it. 

By starting early, you will re-visit the outline frequently and have time to painlessly memorize it. Just like we recommend that you take time each week to outline, you should also set aside time to actively review. Think of it this way—it’s much easier to learn 5 pages at a time rather than say, 50. And if you start early you will have time to actively review your outline and memorize what you need to know.

4. Fourth, if you start outlining early you likely won’t feel “lost.”

Many students come to us halfway into the semester and can’t explain what has them confused. They don’t understand how concepts fit together. They don’t know why their learning what their learning. Or how what they are learning in week 7 fits in with anything they learned in week 1. This is not the position you want to be in! If you make the time in your schedule each week to outline you will avoid feeling overwhelmed and lost. Starting early will allow you will understand how week 1’s concepts fit in with week 5. (Ahem, “the big picture.”)

(If you are feeling lost in law school, you should also check out this post, which can give you more tips!)

5. Lastly, you can actually use the study period to study.

Many students find that they are scrambling to outline during the study break. But if you start early—your outline is complete! Thus, you can spend the time reviewing your outline and practicing exams. Which is something your classmates will NOT have time to do.  This will allow you to be ahead of the curve, and likely perform better than your classmates! Plus, having your outline done will help you reduce your stress and stay healthy!

Thus, there are a lot of reasons to start outlining early! (By the way, if you want to start outlining early and don’t know how, check out our in-depth post on how to create a law school outline).

This post was written by our law school tutor, Meagan Jabbori, who has helped several students succeed in law school and on the bar exam!