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Law School Practice Exams and Model Answers | Free Resource

Here, we list multiple free resources where you can find law school practice exams and model answers. We highly recommend that you complete several law school practice exams and review the model answers prior to exam day. It is truly what makes the difference between getting a B in law school and getting an A (or even an A+!)

Which exams should I start with? 

Some students start with the exams below, but before you start reviewing these exams, first see if your professor has any past exams.

The absolute best source of law school practice exams will be the ones written by your professor for the class you are currently in. Why is this the best source?

  • You will get a good idea of the format of the exam
  • You will see what kinds of issues the professor is looking for (assuming they provide model or sample answers)
  • You will understand the professor’s testing style
  • You will feel more comfortable on test day

When should I consult the law school practice exams listed below? 

Consult these:

  • if your professor does not have any exams on file or
  • if your professor does, but you have simply run out of practice exams, or 
  • if your professor includes exams on file but they do not have any sample answers or model answers

If, for example, you have a Constitutional Law professor with 20 years of Constitutional Law exams and sample answers on file, you don’t need to use these resources at all! But if your professor only has a handful of exams on file and you run out, it is a good idea to use these resources.

There are a large collection of resources here. If you find additional resources, please comment below!

We’ve listed several resources below

It’s best if you collect a lot of practice exams at once. Ideally, print them or save them by class so that when you are ready to practice exams, you can get started.

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