Law School Prep Course Reviews

failed the bar examWe had a lot of great law school prep course reviews! Many of our students found our law school prep course extremely helpful. It prepared them to do a great job it law school. Further, it helped them feel confident and in control from the first day of law school! Here are a couple of our law school prep course reviews from our 2016 law school prep course:

Law School Prep Course Reviews for the JD Advising Law School Prep Course:

Some of our law school prep course reviews were as follows:

This preparatory class has put me in a much better place than I was before I was introduced to the class. Going into the class, I knew almost nothing about what law school would be like. My expectations came only from word of mouth from friends and family. However, Meagan and Ashley have eased my mind about starting law school now that I have a solid foundation to rely on going into Wayne State Law. This course provides a very comfortable environment to learn. I feel that I have gone from knowing very little about how to succeed as a student of law to gaining an advantage over others who may not have taken such a course in five sessions. These sessions cover all the bases. I learned the ins and outs of how to approach each class and how to use time efficiently to earn the best grades possible. I would recommend this course to anyone seeking an early advantage in law school and to anyone who wishes to learn more about how to be the best law student they can be. – Law School Prep Course Student, 2016

Dear Meagan, Thank you so much for the lessons and advice you have given me. I feel so excited and well-prepared for law school thanks to you. You were patient and supportive throughout the course. It is my blessing to have a mentor like you.  – Law School Prep Course Student, 2016

The course helped me feel mentally, emotionally, and physically prepared for law school. Instead of feeling the normal sentiments of panic, I am quite calm and not in the slightest overwhelmed to begin my classes, thanks to what I learned in the pre-law classes. This was the best investment and I highly recommend that 1L law students take this course before beginning their legal journey. – Law School Prep Course Student, 2016

After taking your JD Advising preparatory law courses myself, I felt extremely prepared and ahead of the game when it came to how to outline, brief cases, make my schedule, answer exam questions, and approach law school. I felt relieved that I had found and taken your course beforehand, as it was extremely valuable to me. – Law School Prep Course Student, 2016

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Ms. Ashley Heidemann graduated as the number 1 law student out of over 200 students in her class of 2011 at Wayne State University. She now works as a tutor for law students and the bar exam. She also offers a Law School Preparatory Course for students interested in learning the skills necessary to achieve a high GPA in law school.