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You took a course to prepare for the LSAT—a one-day test. It makes sense to take a course to prepare for law school, which is a three-year test! The LSAT determines what law school you go to. Your performance in law school determines the rest of your life.

Many aspects of your law school and legal careers are guided by how well you do your first year.

Some of these things include:

  • >> Whether you join law review;
  • >> Whether you get an internship at a firm or a judicial clerkship;
  • >> Whether you retain or obtain scholarships;
  • >> Whether you are able to transfer to a different law school if you so choose;
  • >> Whether you are a candidate for an on-campus interview (OCI);
  • >> What job you get after law school; and
  • >> Whether you pass the bar exam.
  • Essentially, your first year is extremely important! Not only that, but competition to be at the top is fierce. Anxiety runs rampant. And students feel a lot of pressure very quickly. A high-quality law school prep course can help ease pressure, lower anxiety, and give you the confidence that you are doing everything you need to be doing from day one of law school.

    Our Law School Prep Course is designed by our founder who graduated as the #1 law student. It is available on demand for free beginning May 1, 2021. You can reserve your spot in our course here.

Trusted by Top Law Firms and Ivy League Schools

Not only do we work with students nationwide, we also partner with firms, including Am Law firms, and law schools, including top 10 law schools, to provide premier bar exam preparation. Our advice has been featured in Above the Law, the National Jurist, and even People magazine after Kim Kardashian gave us a shoutout on Instagram for our personalized bar exam questions!

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What sets JD Advising apart?

Time-Tested Advice

We teach the skills that our founder used to graduate as the #1 student. These skills have helped numerous law students excel in law school and beyond.

Essential Law School Skills

We teach you the essential law school skills you need to utilize from day one of law school, including outlining, memorizing the law, and exam strategies.

Instruction by Experts

Our courses are taught by 5-star instructors who can answer your questions, guide you through law school, and allay any fears you may have.

Personalized Preparation

Our course is tailored to help you personally to develop the skills and the frame of mind you need to excel in law school.

Practical Experience

You will have an opportunity to practice reading and briefing cases, outlining, answering exam questions, and making a study schedule.

Success Beyond Law School

We teach you not only how to succeed your 1L year, but beyond that in extracurriculars, internships, clerkships, and employment opportunities!


What will I learn from the Law School Prep Course?

The law school prep course will teach you these essential skills:

  • > How law school differs from college
  • > An overview of useful legal vocabulary
  • > The two best resources that can save you time and anxiety throughout law school
  • > How to speed-read cases
  • > Tips on how to (and when to) brief cases
  • > How to answer questions when you are on call
  • > How to take notes during class
  • > How to outline and learn your outlines
  • > How to answer law school exam questions as well as key exam-taking strategies
  • > How to prepare for your final exam throughout the semester
  • > How to create a law school study schedule (an in-depth guide)
  • > How to cite cases
  • > How to research (you will receive a LexisNexis ID so you can start researching when you sign up for this course!)
  • >Legal writing tips
  • >Best of all: This course provides you with time-tested advice from a mentor who will answer your questions, guide you through law school, and allay your law school fears.

This Law School Prep Course is the first of its kind. It does not just teach you the law; rather, it helps you develop the skills and frame of mind you need to succeed in law school. You will have an opportunity to practice reading and briefing cases, making an outline, and answering exam questions. You will also have the opportunity to make a study schedule that you can use during your entire first year of law school.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best time to take this course?

The summer before you begin law school. During orientation week of law school. Before your classes begin. Basically, anytime before you begin law school. Private sessions can be scheduled by e-mailing us at [email protected]

Why should I take the Law School Prep Course?

For many reasons.

  • > First, your first-year (1L) law school grades are the most important grades of your law school career. Only a small percentage of students receive As and thus, high grades mean a lot. Many employers decide who to interview for summer internships solely based on first-year grades. And, many of those summer internships turn into full-time jobs for law students after graduation. Further, whether you get onto law review, get offered a competitive judicial clerkship, able to interview for a great internship, or compete for great 2L scholarships are all dependent on your 1L grades!
  • > Second, you will spend a lot of time, energy, and money on law school. It is well worth it to figure out how to do it right from the very beginning.
  • > Further, this course will help ease any anxiety you may have about your 1L year and help you approach law school with confidence. You will enter law school armed with a time-tested approach from a student who graduated #1 in her class.
  • > Another huge bonus of taking this course: It will help you pass the bar exam! The material tested most heavily on the bar exam is the material you are taught during your first year of law school. If you go into law school knowing exactly how to master that material, you will pass the bar exam much more easily than your peers that did not learn the material their first year. The #1 regret that most bar exam students have is that they did not learn the material better during their first year of law school. This course will save you time, money, and frustration later on.
  • How much does the law school prep course cost?

    Our on demand law school prep course is free! If you are looking for private tutoring in conjunction with our course, please contact us at [email protected]

    When can I take the law school prep course?

    It is available on demand beginning May 1, 2021.


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"This preparatory class has put me in a much better place than I was before I was introduced to the class. Going into the class, I knew almost nothing about what law school would be like. My expectations came only from word of mouth from friends and family. However, Meagan and Ashley have eased my mind about starting law school now that I have a solid foundation to rely on going into Wayne State Law. This course provides a very comfortable environment to learn. I feel that I have gone from knowing very little about how to succeed as a student of law to gaining an advantage over others who may not have taken such a course in five sessions. These sessions cover all the bases. I learned the ins and outs of how to approach each class and how to use time efficiently to earn the best grades possible. I would recommend this course to anyone seeking an early advantage in law school and to anyone who wishes to learn more about how to be the best law student they can be.

-Law School Prep Course Student

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