how to prepare for law school over the summerThis post is the first in a series about all things that 0L’s – that is students about to enter their first year of law school – can do to prepare. Some of them are lifestyle changes (for example, this blog post);  others are more substantive things (i.e. what books to read, and what assignments to get a head start on)

We assume that most of you 0Ls are not itching to grab a legal treatise on Contracts the first week of June, so for our first post, we’ll start with a lifestyle change that may be easier to implement.

Law School Prep Tip # 1: Read a lot.

Read intellectually stimulating books on history, economics, or political science. Read theology or literature. Pick up a book in another language.

Read anything that will challenge you, expose you to different worldviews and cultures, and help you to think critically.  There are even many memoirs (Night – by Elie Wiesel, The Glass Castle – by Jeanette Walls)  that are fantastic, famous books that will keep your attention and certainly expose you to other cultures or viewpoints.

Reading intellectually stimulating books will help you get used to the workload in law school as well as the classroom discussion, which will strongly emphasize critical thinking. It will also challenge you to think outside the box and consider perspectives other than your own. Being able to consider multiple viewpoints and perspectives is crucial for any law student who hopes to succeed in law school and as an attorney.

For an overview of some of the tips we will discuss in this series and to hear why we believe 0L preparation is important, please see this link on law school summer prep.