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Five Things You Can Do Right Now to Excel on Law School Exams

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In law school? Or going to law school? Wondering how to do well on law school exams? 

We have a 21-page free eBook out called Five Things You Can Do Right Now to Excel on Law School Exams. Click here to download our free eBook on how to excel on law school exams. *Note: This eBook was last updated in 2018. This guide was written by our JD Advising founder who graduated as the #1 student in her class out of more than 200 law students at Wayne State University Law School.

What is this eBook all about?

In this eBook, we give you an overview of an essential strategy to do well on final exams. We tell you how to stop wasting time and how to start using your time productively.  We outline “Five Things” that you can and should do right now.  These five things are described succinctly and conversationally in this easy, quick-to-read guide. Lastly, this guide ends with invaluable last-minute tips for answering exam questions, a brief Contracts practice problem and model answer as well as a summary of the strategy you should keep in mind while you study for your final exams.

Why did we create this eBook?

We created this eBook because we have found that most students are not given any guidance on how to prepare for law school exams. Many students waste a lot of precious time trying to figure out what to do. Or worse yet, they simply study incorrectly for the duration of the study period—and their final grades reflect that.  A simple, concise guide can be an enormous benefit to those students who are unsure of where to start.

…What, exactly, is that benefit?
Good grades.
Which means good career options.  

After all, the best way to achieve your career goals, impress employers, make law review, and create a plethora of opportunities for yourself is to get high grades in law school.   If you get high grades and graduate at the top of your class—regardless of what other experience or connections you have—you will have so many doors open to you that you will be able to live your life as creatively and imaginatively as you see fit. You will be able to achieve whatever goals you have set for yourself. This includes law review, scholarship opportunities, competitive clerkships and internships, and a job over the summer.

Our goal is to help you achieve your goals. Thus, in this guide, we tell you quickly and in simple terms exactly what you must do to not only succeed but excel on law school final exams.

Note: This is not a super-detailed guide—rather, it is a birds-eye view of a winning strategy. If you would prefer a much more detailed overview, please consider using our law school tutoring services or signing up for our law school preparatory course.