Legal writing is one of the most important classes you will take in law school. Not only will your legal writing skills affect your grade in your legal writing class, it will also affect your scores on all of your law school exams and the bar exam. Further, it is worth it to invest in your legal writing abilities as they will help you tremendously when you begin to practice law. Many of our students say that they feel confident when they begin their jobs as lawyers because they know how to research, properly cite cases, and write quality legal memorandums and briefs. In fact, they say that legal writing was the most important class for them. Some even go as far to say that it is the only class that they use on a day-to-day basis as a practicing attorney.

Our legal writing tutors will help you excel at legal writing. They are practicing attorneys who have been on law review, moot court, and have plenty of experience with legal writing. We also have legal writing professors on our staff of super-qualified tutors.

If you sign up for legal writing tutoring, you will learn:

  • How to research using LexisNexis and Westlaw. We also provide a LexisNexis login if you do not have one.
  • How to tell if a case is good law and distinguish between mandatory versus persuasive authority.
  • How to cite cases.
  • How to format legal documents.
  • How to create a study schedule to ensure you complete your legal writing projects in a timely manner (without getting stressed out!).
  • How to tackle projects such as memorandums and briefs.
  • How to work efficiently in law school.
  • How to write on to your school’s law review.
  • Basic grammar tips and rules.

Our students not only excel in their legal writing classes and their other law school courses, but they also find the skills they learn from our tutors help them tremendously when they become practicing attorneys. Read more about our legal writing tutoring packages below.



Our legal writing tutoring packages include the following:

Option 1: Pre-Law Legal Writing Tutoring

Meet with one of our legal writing tutors online or in-person three times before you even begin your law school career. This is perfect for students who are nervous about their legal writing abilities. You will get a fantastic primer on the following how to research using Lexis Nexis, how to cite cases, how to manage your time, basic grammar do’s and don’ts, and legal writing techniques. You will be one step ahead when you begin law school! The cost for our average recommended six hours of tutoring (in three two-hour sessions) is $749.99.

Option 2: Continuing Legal Writing Assistance

Legal writing is not a skill that can be perfected in a day. It takes consistent effort over time. Thus, the best way to improve your legal writing throughout law school is to meet a tutor on a regular basis. We have found that students not only get high grades in their legal writing classes but they also truly learn how to effectively write. They develop the skills they need throughout law school and to be a practicing attorney. The student will meet with a tutor for two hours, once a week for eight weeks. The cost for sixteen hours of tutoring (in 8 two-hour sessions) is $1,899.99.

This option makes, by far, the biggest impact on a student’s legal writing. Some students, who are very nervous about their writing and research skills, will sign up for this option even before they begin law school. These students feel very prepared when they begin their legal writing courses.

*Note: We do not write assignments for you or with you. We will provide assignments that differ from those provided in your legal writing class.

Option 3: Legal Writing By The Session

Need a few hours of help? Have questions about your legal writing assignment? Want to write on to law review? Or learn a few skills before starting your new job? We can pack a lot of information in and make a difference in a two-hour session. Each two-hour session is $299.99. We have both law students and practicing attorneys regularly signing up for this option! Note that our tutors are very flexible and will work to accommodate your schedule. We offer legal writing tutoring online or in person. For more information, please sign up below!