Looking For Detailed And Specialized MPT Grading?

MPT grading

Looking For Detailed And Specialized MPT Grading and Feedback? Check Out JD Advising’s MPT Grading!

Students often ignore the Multistate Performance Test portion of the bar exam or don’t take it seriously enough. When results come out, they realize that the MPT is worth 20% of their score (in UBE jurisdictions). This is the equivalent to 70 Multistate Bar Exam (MBE) questions!  Therefore, we strongly recommend that students focus on the MPT to improve their score prior to taking the exam. Read further to see why MPT grading might be right for you!

Looking For Detailed And Specialized MPT Grading and Feedback? Check Out JD Advising’s MPT Grading!

How can you improve your score?

With MPT grading, students get specialized and individualized MPT feedback (that is written or oral feedback on Multistate Performance Test answers). This feedback which can help students significantly increase their scores.  We do this by identifying the reason why students are performing poorly on the MPT – this can be as a result of structure, organization, etc. – and providing students with feedback on how to correct those issues.

Why is MPT grading beneficial?

MPT grading can help you determine your MPT weaknesses and help you turn them into your strengths.  Some of the issues that we spot are:

  • Organization (whether you are organizing and formatting your answer properly);
  • Analysis (whether you are analyzing the fact pattern sufficiently or if you are missing important facts and issues);
  • Timing (whether you are struggling with timing, and if so, providing you with tips on how to get through MPTs faster);
  • Terminology (whether you are memorizing common terms you should be aware of); and
  • Issue Spotting (whether you are spotting the issues in the task).

What is pricing like?

How does MPT grading work?

As soon as you purchase the MPT, you will receive an email that automatically gives you an assignment (as well as back-up assignments, in case you have already completed the MPT we assign). All MPTs are assigned from the NCBE website.

You are instructed to complete the MPT and send it back to us for grading. We provide prompt written feedback. Please see more about MPT grading here.

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