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How to Lower Stress During Law School Finals

One of the most important keys to success on law school finals is to manage your stress. The thought of your upcoming finals can be very overwhelming, but you will perform much better if you stay relaxed.  Your brain can only do so much at once, so why waste energy worrying over something you can control with good study habits?  This post will offer you a few tips on how to lower stress during law school finals.  And try to remember, law school is a marathon, not a sprint.  If something happens to go wrong, there are plenty of other chances to make up for it.

How to Lower Stress During Law School Finals

1. Make sure to study effectively!

The easiest way to lower stress during finals is to ensure you go into every exam feeling confident about the material. The best way to accomplish this is to use your study time effectively.  Create a finals study schedule to manage your time.  Prioritize finishing your outlines and then memorizing them over focusing on tiny details in cases. Take plenty of practice exams to help you identify your weaknesses and practice your issue spotting skills.  For more specific details on these topics, see this post on how to study effectively for law school finals!

2. Take plenty of breaks while studying!

Once classes are over, you will have a lot more free time on your hands.  While this offers a lot of extra time to study, don’t study for countless hours in a row!  Make sure you take plenty of breaks to refresh your mind.  Turn it into a routine and build it into your study schedule.  Maybe tackle one chapter’s worth of material at a time.  Review your outline, memorize it, try to re-write it, and then take a 15 minute break. Your brain needs this time to recharge so that it can be capable of absorbing the vast amount of information it’s being thrown. To read more about the benefits of study breaks, check out these posts.

3. Incorporate other activities into your schedule!

This somewhat goes hand in hand with the last tip, but make sure you are doing other things besides studying! It is only too easy to get overwhelmed if all you are thinking about is school, even if you are taking short breaks.  Take some time to go out and exercise, or go out to dinner with some friends.  Try to clear your mind for a while.  Making time for other activities is a great way to lower stress during law school finals. Everyone needs a change of pace every once and a while, and shifting your environment will do you so much good!

4. Stay healthy by eating and sleeping regularly!

It can be tempting to ignore things that are distractions from studying, especially once exams get really close.  But the last thing you want is to make yourself sick before exams.  A great way to lower stress during law school finals is to keep your body healthy.  This means that you need to take the time to eat well and still get enough sleep.  Everything that you do should be about getting your mind in the best spot possible to take your exams.  You can’t do this if you’re sleep deprived or constantly hungry. Eating and sleeping will make your studying more effective as your brain will be able to retain information far easier.

It is critical to make sure you are finding ways to lower stress during law school finals. This might feel like the most difficult time of the year, but think about all the difficult things you have already done! You have survived nearly the entire year, don’t waste that effort by not taking care of yourself the best you can.  Keeping a fresh mind and a healthy body can help you succeed far more than you know!