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LSAT Gift Ideas For The Holidays

Although it may not seem the most inspired choice, the LSAT is a great occasion to give gifts. In this post, we cover LSAT gift ideas that can help brighten the holidays for anyone taking the test!

LSAT Gift Ideas For The Holidays


For the uninitiated, LSAC releases most LSATs shortly after results are released. These should be top of your giving list for anyone taking the LSAT. These tests essentially allow takers to simulate what their LSAT will be like by giving them previously tested material.  These tests should be the bedrock of any LSAT study plan. So, if you notice that an LSAT taker doesn’t have a lot of material to practice from, this is a foolproof way to help them prepare for the test and cross them off your holiday list.

While every previous test is useful, more recent ones are more so than others. A general rule of thumb, if you don’t purchase all 6 bound volumes, is the more recent a volume, the better it will be for prep now. LSAC usually does not make drastic changes to the material in the LSAT, so the most recent tests are the best way to prepare for an upcoming one. In addition, more recent tests will reflect the current form of the LSAT. While the Logical Reasoning section hasn’t changed much over the years, Logic Games and Reading Comprehension have. So, if you are considering giving a volume as a gift, we’d suggest Volumes IV, V, and VI. This is ten years of LSATs, all for under $75!

2. Test Taking Supplies

Yes, it may seem silly to give school supplies to a college student or adult taker, but this is a really good LSAT gift idea! As pen and paper are increasingly replaced by laptops and tablets, the likelihood of a student having what’s necessary to take the LSAT diminishes. So, test taking supplies like pencils, erasers, pencil sharpeners, analog watches, and highlighters make great stocking stuffers. Make sure to check in at before you buy anything. They have strict guidelines on what takers can bring into the exam room. These guidelines are likely to change as the LSAT makes its transition from paper to computer/tablet over the next 10 months.

3. LSAT Prep Courses or Tutoring

Our final LSAT gift suggestion is an LSAT prep course or private tutoring. The LSAT is a crucial part of the law school application process. Takers know that they need a full grasp on the material if they want to score well. If you know that your taker needs a little extra help, consider purchasing them an LSAT prep course or private tutor. J.D. Advising offers private, one-on-one tutoring with an LSAT expert. There is no session commitment or pressure. Many students meet just once to tweak their approach. Some meet for multiple sessions. Either way, this is a great gift for someone who needs a little extra help prepping for the LSAT.

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