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MBE Memorization Quiz: Test What You Know!

It is important to memorize the nuances of the law if you want to pass the MBE. After all, the MBE tests the nuances. The MBE does not test if you have a general understanding of the law. Below, please find our MBE memorization quiz to see if you are on track.

If you take our MBE memorization quiz and find you don’t do too well, it may be worth it to review these strategies to memorize your bar exam outlines.

MBE Quiz

You might wonder if you have enough law memorized. We have compiled a quiz that tests straight memorization. It does not test application of the law. It does not test understanding. It simply tests whether you have the law memorized. We wrote a post about this a few weeks ago and readers found it very helpful, so we decided to repost this quiz in a slightly different format.

In our MBE quiz PDF, which you can download below, there are four questions on each topic. After each question set, there are the answers. You can answer all 28 questions in a row. Or you can answer them subject by subject. Whatever you prefer! With the limited amount of questions, this quiz does not cover every portion of the law. The questions were picked at random. It is merely to give you a general gauge of how you are performing overall!

You should aim for a minimum score of above 60%. Ideally, you should be getting about 75% or more of these questions correct.

Download a PDF of the MBE quiz below. The questions are on one page and the answers follow. Or you can review the quiz questions here, the download the questions and answers when you are done trying to answer them on your own!

Civil Procedure Quiz

  1. When a defendant removes an action from state court to federal court, to which federal court is the case removed?
  2. What is a cross-claim and when may it be filed?
  3. What is the procedure for filing a motion for summary judgment under Rule 56?
  4. What are the prerequisites for filing a class action?

(download PDF below for answers) 

Constitutional Law Quiz

  1. When will a law that discriminates against interstate commerce be considered constitutional? When will a law that poses a non-discriminatory burden on interstate commerce be considered constitutional?
  2. What is the test for strict scrutiny under the due process clause? What is the test for rational basis? (Please also state which party has the burden of proof.)
  3. How is obscenity defined for free speech purposes?
  4. What is the three-part test developed in Lemon v. Kurtzman that a court will use when a government program or legislation is neutral on its face yet challenged as a violation of the Establishment Clause?

(download PDF below for answers) 

Contracts and Sales Quiz

  1. When may an offer be revoked? What are the four circumstances under which an offer may not be revoked? (Just list them, no need to list every element.
  2. What are the requirements to make a firm offer under Article 2?
  3. When the seller does not deliver perfect goods, what are the two situations when the seller has the right to cure? Assume the contract is not an installment contract.
  4. When may a buyer reject an installment under an installment contract?

(download PDF below for answers) 

Criminal Law and Procedure Quiz

  1. What are the crimes at common law that require specific-intent?
  2. Define larceny.
  3. Describe the search incident to lawful arrest exception to the Fourth Amendment warrant requirement. Also, describe how this applies if the arrestee is in a vehicle at the time of the arrest?
  4. When may an officer conduct a “Terry frisk”?

(download PDF below for answers) 

Evidence Quiz

  1. What are the elements of the dying declaration exception to the hearsay rule?
  2. When will a defendant’s Sixth Amendment right to confront a witness who testifies against him preclude a statement from being admitted into evidence?
  3. What are the elements of the past recollection recorded hearsay exception?
  4. What is “refreshing recollection” (or “present recollection refreshed”)? Does it pose a hearsay problem?

(download PDF below for answers) 

Real Property Quiz

  1. What are the three future covenants that one promises when delivering a warranty deed?
  2. What is a race notice act?
  3. What is equity of redemption? What is the statutory right of redemption?
  4. What is the doctrine of cy pres and when is it applied?

(download PDF below for answers) 

Torts Quiz

  1. State the elements of false imprisonment.
  2. What is the difference between pure and partial (modified) comparative negligence?
  3. How is an abnormally dangerous activity defined?
  4. When are damages presumed in a slander case?

(download PDF below for answers) 

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