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Our MBE Seminar was invented by the founder of JD Advising, who scored a 180 on the Multistate Bar Exam (MBE) in 2011. It was invented after JD Advising helped hundreds of students improve their bar exam multiple-choice score significantly—by 20, 30, or more points. It is taught by JD Advising associate, Meagan Jabbori.

Our MBE Seminar is prerecorded so you can watch it at your convenience online. The goal of this Seminar is to teach you strategies to apply when you answer MBE questions. Instead of receiving substantive outlines, you will receive an MBE strategies booklet. The seminar and strategies booklet focus on tactics you can use when practicing answering questions. The goal is to help you improve your score through practice and to get you out of your MBE rut.

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What does the MBE Seminar cover?

The MBE Seminar will be especially useful to you if you find that:

  • You answer several MBE practice questions but find that you never improve your score.
  • You overthink questions and choose the wrong answer (even when you know the right answer!).
  • You always seem to be in between two answer choices and pick the wrong one.
  • You struggle with timing and tend to frequently fall short on time when you practice.
  • You are not sure why you are answering MBE problems incorrectly and thus have trouble improving your score.

We have had several students from all over the country give us glowing reviews on our MBE Seminar and tell us how much it helped them improve their multiple-choice score.


COST $549.99 Want to buy the seminar TODAY? We have a coupon code for $150 OFF for a limited time! Use code: 150off
FORMAT Prerecorded 
DATE The prerecorded seminar is available upon checkout.
LENGTH The MBE Seminar is approximately three hours long
The MBE Seminar covers strategies for conquering the MBE and improving your score. For the first hour or so, we spend time on an overview of how to build your foundation of MBE law. In this portion, we cover memorization techniques so that you understand a great way to go through your outlines as you study. For the next hour and a half or so, we show you how to break down MBE questions so that you actually learn through practice. We cover seven MBE questions slowly and methodically together. Our MBE Seminar is an invaluable tool if you find you are in an MBE rut and need to do something different to improve your score.
MATERIALS The MBE Seminar material is included as a download with purchase.


IS THE MBE SEMINAR THE SAME AS THE MBE FAVORITES? No, the MBE Seminar is not the same as the MBE Favorites lecture. The MBE Favorites lecture is offered as a prerecorded option only. The MBE Favorites lecture comes with released MBE questions and goes through an overview of the 35 favorite issues that the NCBE likes to test. Many students purchase both the MBE Seminar and the MBE Favorites lecture. You can read more about the MBE Favorites lecture here.
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mbe seminarIn my opinion, your MBE and MEE guides, one-sheets, and seminars are tremendously helpful and on point. They contain all the substance and allow to focus on the core material. In comparison to other prep materials, I think you’re just way ahead of the game!