UBE bar exam prep options, uniform bar exam preparation options,MEE One-Sheets or MEE Seminar – Which one is right for me? We have received many emails recently from people wondering whether they should sign up for our Multistate Essay Exam seminar  or purchase our MEE one-sheets or do both! Clients wonder what the difference is and which one is the right one for them. Some ask if it is worth it to purchase both.

Will either the MEE One-Sheets or MEE Seminar help me?

If you are in a Multistate Essay Exam (MEE) jurisdiction, the one-sheets and/or seminar will help you!  The MEE jurisdictions are as follows:

Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, Colorado, Connecticut, District of Columbia, Hawaii, Idaho, Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Dakota, Oregon, Rhode Island, South Carolina, South Dakota, Texas (beginning 2021), Utah, Vermont, Washington, West Virginia, Wyoming, Guam, Northern Mariana Islands, Palau, Virgin Islands

What are the MEE One-Sheets like?

MEE One-sheets, UBE one-sheets, UBE lean sheets, MEE lean sheetsThe MEE one-sheets focus on the highly-tested topics over time (which are not always the same as our predictions or the ones we think could be coming up!). They are very concise and compact and serve as a great study tool and guide. In fact, for the February 2017 exam, over 50% of what was tested on the MEE was covered by the MEE-One sheets!

The MEE one-sheets are great for students who are self-studiers, visual learners, and who learn well from looking at a concise outline. The MEE one-sheets are also good for students who want to be aware of the highly-tested issues as they study. The MEE one-sheets can serve a huge advantage to students who use them as a guide as they learn material and practice answering MEE questions.

To receive a high-quality hard copy of the one-sheets at your door via priority mail you can order them here. In many cases, you will receive them the day or two after ordering them. You can order our MEE one-sheets here.

Looking for some testimonials of the MEE One-Sheets? Here a few are. You can read several more here.

Hi Ashley, just to let you know that I received the One Sheets this morning. May I compliment you on the quality and succinctness of the notes. They provide an excellent context of the topics often tested on the MEE and I think the notes will be invaluable to me in identifying the main issues that examiners often test. Thank you very much!” – Purchaser of MEE One-Sheets, July 2017 bar exam taker.

Thank you for making the One-Sheet Study Guide!  It was the best investment I’ve made in study materials and I’ve taken two noteworthy courses. Having the condensed material to refer to what was specifically tested saved me so much time in my studying process. And when it came time to take the test, it was my go-to source for recalling the rules. If I hadn’t studied with it, I would have been lost on the MEE portion of the exam.  I can’t thank you enough! -Purchaser of MEE One-Sheets

I had a great experience with the MEE one-sheets. As an attorney taking my second bar exam, this product was an absolute life saver.  There were several issues on the exam I could not have answered without the MEE one-sheets, even with my full bar review course materials.  Highly recommend—worth every penny! -Purchaser of MEE One-Sheets

What is the MEE seminar like?

The MEE seminar lecture and MEE seminar handout focus on highly-tested topics as well as the issues ripe for testing. Sometimes issues that are “ripe for testing” are not necessarily highly-tested or we include extra information that we think could be coming up. So the handout that you will receive will not be the same as the MEE one-sheets booklet. You will, however, receive a 45-page handout with information.

Note that last administration, we predicted 70% of the topics tested on the uniform bar exam!

The MEE seminar also comes with a three-hour lecture to go over what we think is coming up. We talk about highly-tested topics and we also discuss how to approach MEE questions generally.

The one-sheets are pretty compact (one page, front and back) whereas the seminar contains a few more charts and examples (and not to mention it comes with a three-hour lecture). This makes the information more likely to “stick” for some people! So if you are a more auditory learner or if you retain more information closer to the exam or are looking for a last-minute review closer to the exam, this may be a better choice than the MEE one-sheets. You can sign up for our Multistate Essay Exam seminar here.

Looking for some testimonials of the MEE Seminar? Here a few are. You can read several more here.

NJ Bar results came out today and I passed! I failed the NJ exam last administration by 4 points. This exam was the first UBE administration for NJ. I was working full time and super nervous about learning brand new essay topics. I knew that I wanted to self study because I used one of the major commercial companies last time and it just didn’t fit my learning style. Additionally, I had the materials already for the MBE topics. I’m so happy that I did some research and invested in the MEE Seminar offered by your company. I was able to synthesize the information quickly and efficiently. I loved how the topics were broken down into the highly tested areas and it helped me manage my very limited time. I raised my MBE score by 10 points, but it still was not stellar by any means. I received a 281 overall so it’s evident that my writing portion was strong. –Attendee of the February 2017 MEE Seminar

As a student who was self-studying for the UBE, I was concerned that I would not be familiar with all of the information that I would need for the MEE. It’s awesome that this seminar was an option because it offered stream-lined information and a guide into the “big ticket” items. It helped me focus in on the areas that would likely be tested, and a couple of them did show up on the actual exam. I am also really thankful that the lecturer answered all of my lingering questions by email following the seminar. –Attendee of the February 2017 MEE Seminar

Should I get both the MEE one-sheets and MEE seminar?

There is overlap between what is in the MEE one-sheets and MEE seminar (which we do not think is a bad thing as it hammers in the most important points to be aware of!). However, the MEE seminar has more charts and focuses more on predictions (which means that it will have information that the MEE one-sheets do not). The MEE one-sheets are more compact and focus on the highly-tested issues. And of course with the MEE seminar, you will actually hear our predictions, go over an approach to MEE questions, and have a three hour lecture that comes along with it.

For this reason, many students find it helpful to purchase the MEE one-sheets early on and attend the MEE seminar closer to the bar exam as a last minute review of what we think will be tested. However, if you are looking to just purchase one or the other, we think you will find either option to be invaluable!

  • Looking for MEE Help?

    We offer the following MEE products and services:

    • An MEE course, which comes with five MEE sessions, all outlines for the MEE specific subjects, essay feedback and our popular MEE One-Sheets.
    • An MEE seminar for those looking for an overview of the highly-tested areas of the MEE and our predictions of what we think will be tested on the MEE.
    • MEE Private Tutoring for those seeking one-on-one help to pass the MEE.
    • MEE One-Sheets, for those looking for a high-level review of the highly-tested areas condensed on one page, front and back.
    • MEE Feedback for those seeking substantive and organizational review of practice questions.