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MEE Predictions: We Accurately Predicted 70% Of What Was Tested During Our MEE Seminar!

Our MEE (Multistate Essay Exam) Seminar students had a tremendous advantage over many other exam takers on the February 2017 exam. We thoroughly reviewed 15 years of previous essays in each of the 16 subjects to develop our predictions. We are happy to report that our MEE predictions correctly forecasted more than 70% of the subjects on the MEE. In addition, we accurately predicted many of the specific issues that were tested on the essays. Below we discuss in detail which of our MEE predictions appeared on the exam.

MEE Predictions: February 2017

1. We accurately predicted more than 70% of the subjects on the MEE.

  • Agency
    • We accurately predicted that a principal’s liability would be tested on the exam and told our students to study actual authority, apparent authority, and ratification.
  • Conflict of Laws
    • We accurately predicted that Conflict of Laws would be tested in a crossover essay with Family Law. Conflict of Laws had not been tested since July 2012. We told our students to study when a marriage will be recognized in another state (i.e., a marriage valid under the law of the place in which it was contracted will be valid elsewhere unless it violates a strong public policy of the state that has the most significant relationship to the spouses and marriage). Further, we noted that common law marriage does not violate the public policy of another state.
  • Family Law
    • We accurately predicted that Family Law would show up on the exam. Specifically, we told students to review the validity of a bigamous marriage (including the two marriage-saving doctrines for the new spouse), the elements of common law marriage, and the non-biological father’s right to a child.
  • Trusts
    • We accurately predicted that Trusts would appear on the exam. Particularly, we told students to study the cy pres doctrine if they saw a question concerning the amendment of a charitable trust. The cy pres doctrine is recognized under common law as well as the Uniform Trust Code. Additionally, we told our students to review pourover wills (wills that make a gift to a trust).
  • Real Property
    • We accurately predicated this subject would be tested.

2. We also told our students not be surprised if Corporations and Contracts appeared on the exam. These subjects did show up on the test!

  • Contracts and Sales
    • We told our students that if Contracts and Sales were to appear on the exam they should be familiar with offer, acceptance, and consideration. This is consistent with some of the issues tested on the contracts essay, include a firm offer by a non-merchant, what happens when an offer lapses, and promissory estoppel (a substitute for consideration).
  • Corporations
    • We told our students that if Corporations were to show up on the exam they should be familiar with the duty of care that directors owe to a corporation. Further, we told our students to review the elements that need to be satisfied in order to bring forth a derivative lawsuit (when a corporation suffers an injury).

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Christine, one of our bar exam tutors, wrote this post. She has passed three bar exams, including California, New York, and New Jersey. Christine scored in the 95 percentile on the MBE, and specializes in helping students raise their uniform bar exam scores!

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