I used both the MEE one-sheets and I did the seminar as well. I was extremely pleased with the seminar because so many of the issues were on the February 2018 bar exam. I struggled with the MEE the first time I took the bar and I did not finish a whole question and a half! However, I only failed by 5 points. This time, I finished all the essays and felt way more confident walking out of the MEE portion of the exam. I highly recommend the seminar and the MEE one-sheets as a supplement. For example, some of the issues that were not predicted in the seminar were addressed in the MEE one-sheets. – Attendee of the February 2018 MEE Seminar

After taking the bar exam I do feel that there were topics within the exam essays that were covered in the seminar, and I was thankful to have made the investment! – Attendee of the February 2018 MEE Seminar

I got a 136 in the MBE portion and a total score of 287, which means I did well on the wiring potion. The writing portion was a success only because of the MEE seminar I took with you all. I am serious, I only studied for the essays from the seminar and the outlines provided by you! Never did I practice any questions or learnt any technique. I hand-wrote the exam, so I for sure thought I was not gonna pass this exam. Once again, thank you so much for the amazing seminar and spot on predictions! I could write a whole blog on your MEE seminar- that’s how excited I am!!! -July 2017 UBE New York taker

NJ Bar results came out today and I passed! I failed the NJ exam last administration by 4 points. This exam was the first UBE administration for NJ. I was working full time and super nervous about learning brand new essay topics. I knew that I wanted to self study because I used one of the major commercial companies last time and it just didn’t fit my learning style. Additionally, I had the materials already for the MBE topics. I’m so happy that I did some research and invested in the MEE Seminar offered by your company. I was able to synthesize the information quickly and efficiently. I loved how the topics were broken down into the highly tested areas and it helped me manage my very limited time. I raised my MBE score by 10 points, but it still was not stellar by any means. I received a 281 overall so it’s evident that my writing portion was strong. –Attendee of the February 2017 MEE Seminar

If I could reach through this cell phone to hug you, I totally would!!! I finished the UBE essays and you ladies were dead on the predicted issues and essay topics. Thank you for all of your help and I felt so confident this afternoon. So thank you!!!! I cannot thank you all enough!!! You were also dead on the family law essay involving a conflict of law. Thanks again! –Attendee of the February 2017 MEE Seminar

As a student who was self-studying for the UBE, I was concerned that I would not be familiar with all of the information that I would need for the MEE. It’s awesome that this seminar was an option because it offered stream-lined information and a guide into the “big ticket” items. It helped me focus in on the areas that would likely be tested, and a couple of them did show up on the actual exam. I am also really thankful that the lecturer answered all of my lingering questions by email following the seminar. –Attendee of the February 2017 MEE Seminar

I found the seminar very helpful. I liked that while I listened online, that the lecture was live and that I could ask questions. It was helpful to go over the highly tested topics within each subject. It provided a good guide for me, personally, to show me what subjects/topics I needed to go back through and then provided a good review for those subjects I knew well. The lecturer was extremely knowledgable and willing to answer any question. Lastly, the material provided was great! The handout contained frequency charts and dates next to each highly tested topic so I could easily go back and study anything I was struggling with in more detail. I would recommend this seminar to anyone who is looking for some extra help prior to the bar exam. –Attendee of the February 2017 MEE Seminar

I took Ashley’s seminar and it was by far the best decision I have made during my bar exam prep. The seminar covers the most tested issues on the essay part of the exam and tells exactly what you need to know and what to focus on during the final stretch before the exam. It is far superior to any other resource on the market and became the final attack outline I used prior to exam. Excellent resource and and an absolute must for every bar exam taker!-Attendee of the February 2015 Bar Exam Seminar

The essay course was so informative and so beneficial for the Feb 2015 exam. The hard topics were predicted and when they came up, I was able to answer them with ease, thanks to the bar course. If I didn’t have this seminar, a few of those essay questions would have left me in the dark, no questions asked. I recommend this course to any taker!! It is honestly a life saver.-Attendee of the February 2015 Bar Exam Seminar