bar exam appeals testimonials, heidemann jabbori law firm bar exam appeals, michigan bar exam appealsWe’ve recently received some testimonials from clients who we wrote Michigan bar exam appeals for. Below are some of those testimonials from the last few administrations!

  • For the February 2019 Michigan bar exam, 9 appeals passed in the state of Michigan. We wrote 8 of them!
  • For the July 2018 Michigan bar exam, 6 appeals passed in the state of Michigan. We wrote all of them!
  • For the July 2017 Michigan bar exam, 11 appeals passed in the state of Michigan. We wrote 10 of them! Read more about that here.
  • We also wrote 5 of the 7 appeals that passed in the state for the February 2017 Michigan bar exam.
  • We wrote 5 of the 6 appeals that passed in the state for the July 2016 Michigan bar exam!

Michigan Bar Exam Appeals Testimonials

I needed one point to pass the July 2018 Bar Exam. We asked for 15, but the review of the appeal didn’t have to dig too deep to get the first and only one needed. The rest, however did much more than give me that one point, it reassured me that I actually knew what I was doing and that many of the points could have easily been the result of whether or not the test grader had enough coffee that morning. Ashley and Meagan were kind, pleasant, prompt and professional throughout the entire process. When I first contacted them, I felt they were genuinely interested in my situation and how they could help, rather than rattling off a sales pitch. Ultimately, I was blown away by the quality of the appeal they produced. It really  went above and beyond my expectations. -Appealed and passed the July 2018 Michigan Bar Exam

I was absolutely devastated when my seat number was not on the pass list for the July 2017 bar exam. Then 3 days later I found out that I missed by 1 point! I had went home on lunch and opened my score results. As soon as I seen I missed by 1 point, I text my husband and a few of my friends. My husband and 2 of my friends sent me the link for the Heidemann Law firm and told me to immediately call them to do my appeal. This was on a Friday. I was so emotionally numb that I did not reach out to Ashley until Saturday morning. I emailed Ashley around 8 am on Saturday thinking that I would not hear from anyone until Monday. She responded within minutes. Her email was very caring and she walked me through what to do next. I immediately ordered my transcripts. When I received my transcripts, I emailed them to Ashley and Meagan. By the end of the same day, they emailed me a very detailed description of what essays they thought they could go after points on and how many points they felt they could appeal.

I decided to hire them for my appeal. It was the best decision of my life. On December 9, I found out that I got my point! It was the greatest feeling ever! I am 46 years old and the thought of re-taking the bar exam had me so completely devastated!

Ashley and Meagan were very professional and kind throughout the entire process. They answered all my questions and help to put my mind at ease. These ladies did an outstanding job on preparing my appeal! I HIGHLY recommend these ladies to anyone that is considering appealing! I appealed and PASSED the July 2017 bar exam! -Appealed and passed the July 2017 Michigan Bar Exam

After failing the February 2017 bar exam I was determined to pass in July. I put my heart and soul into studying and preparing for the July exam. After the exam I felt like I had a good chance at passing. Three agonizing months later the result were posted by seat number. I was devastated to see that I did not pass. But I had a glimmer of hope that my score would be within an appealable range. A week later my score sheet arrived and I had failed by one point. I did not want go through another stressful, miserable three months of bar prep. I knew right away that I was going to have the Heidemann Law Firm write my appeal. Ashley is the bar exam guru. I knew that retaining Ashley would give me the best shot of passing. I contacted Ashley and sent her my answers. The next day Ashley sent me an evaluation, outlining my answers that were appealable. I retained her and she began writing. I got emails every few days from Ashley and her team, updating me on their progress. My appeal was hand delivered to the Board of Law Examiners a day before it was due. I did not have to worry about a thing. Three weeks later I got the results that I passed! I was awarded three points. I would recommend Ashley to anyone who is thinking about appealing their score. She is the best at what she does.-Appealed and passed the July 2017 Michigan Bar Exam

I needed two points on appeal and I received two points. I was incredibly happy with the appeal, and with the professionalism of both Ashley and Meagan. In full disclosure, when I didn’t pass and was looking for an attorney to handle my appeal, I was not familiar with whom I should hire, so I Googled it and three attorneys popped up. Of the three attorneys by far JD Advising was the most professional. They advised me as to what my next steps should be, they were honest right off the bat with what to expect and also empathetic to my situation. Ashley and Meagan kept me updated every step of the way so I was fully aware of their strategy and what the process was going forward, they were thorough, efficient and always prompt to respond to any questions I had. After struggling to pass for sometime now this was going to be my last time taking the bar and JD Advising was a saving grace, they did an excellent job. I could not be happier with my decision and I would highly recommend them to others. Thank you again!! -Appealed and passed the July 2017 Michigan Bar Exam

When I found out that I didn’t pass the bar exam, I was absolutely devastated. I was so excited for my friends who did pass, but I was so disappointed in myself after all of the blood(not really), sweat and tears I endured that summer.

The next big upset was when I found out that not only did I not pass, but I didn’t pass by a mere one point. ONE. POINT. After a brief emotional breakdown, envisioning all of the studying I would have to do all over again (this time while working full time), my good friend mentioned JD Advising as a resource. Doughtful and downtrodden, I called Ashley immediately, followed up by two emails, and another voicemail to her counter part, Meagan (in true OCD law student fashion).

Within 15 minutes, I was on the phone with Ashley, and she was walking me through the process of ordering my answers. She was kind, comforting, and supportive, despite my obvious dismay and discouraged attitude. After receiving my answers, I spoke with Megan, and she was extremely direct about her assessment of my answers. I appreciated this particular action the most; considering I was willing to give my first born in exchange for passing if they just agreed to help. But despite the fact that they had me on the hook, both women were honest and constructively critical of my answers. They were is consistent communication with me throughout the process, all the while supporting me in my continuing to study in the interim.

The day came where the letter came in the mail, informing me that I had “PASSED” the bar exam; I received the one point that I needed. Tears, screaming and wine began to flow.

I would recommend JD Advising to anyone in that position; never for a second did I regret my choice, and I would absolutely make that decision again. -Appealed and passed the July 2017 Michigan Bar Exam

I needed 1 point to win my July 2017 appeal, and Ashley won my appeal! I received the 1 point I needed on my appeal. Ashley and her staff were extremely professional and on top of their game! Anytime I needed to speak with her, she or her staff would reach out to me within 24hrs, if not sooner. I was very pleased with the service she provided me, and extremely thankful I chose her firm to do my appeal. – Appealed and passed the July 2017 Michigan Bar Exam

I can not say enough about the unbelievable experience I had working with JD Advising. I was devastated to find out that I missed passing the bar exam by one point and felt my first second of relief when I spoke with Ashley Heidemann within minutes of receiving my score. The quick response and attention to detail that their firm provided me was my sense of hope in a difficult time. I am so please to announce that I passed the Michigan bar exam after JD Advising wrote my appeal! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! -Appealed and passed the July 2017 Michigan Bar Exam

I was devastated when I did not see my seat number listed on the bar examiners pass list. After receiving the official letter, I saw that I failed by one point! I was excited because filing for an appeal was an option. When I met with Ashley to go over the appeal process, she explained everything with compassion and sincerity. Appealing was the best decision I made! What impressed me the most (besides being impressed with Ashley and her services already) was that she sent a detailed email about which questions she would appeal and how many points she would argue. When the appeal brief was complete, I was excited to read it. Ashley and Meagan thoroughly argued every issue by comparing my answer to the board of law examiners answer and added case law to support my arguments. I was beyond grateful with the amount of time, effort, and passion that went into writing my appeal brief. Thankfully, I did not have to sit for the bar exam again because she got me the point I needed and I passed! I am so grateful that Ashley was placed into my life. She is kind, professional, extremely knowledgeable, and will go above and beyond for you. I would recommend Ashley and ALL her services without hesitation! –  Appealed and Passed the February 2017 Bar Exam

You will never have a better firm represent you for appealing your bar exam essays.  Customer service is their top priority.  I have sent several people to JD Advising and all say the same thing.  I got a fair and honest evaluation of my essays.  JD Advising did not pull any punches about anything and let me know what the chances of winning my appeal were.  I need 3 points which is difficult to get, and I’m VERY happy to say they got them for me!!  The bar is behind me.  Worth every cent to not have to study for the exam again.  I will continue to send people to JD Advising in the future for bar appeals, tutoring, and law school. –  Appealed and Passed the February 2017 Bar Exam

When I didn’t see my seat number on the Bar Exam Passing list I was devastated. When I found out that I missed the Bar exam by 1 point I knew who I had to hire, J.D. Advising. I know how hard is it to win on appeal especially in Michigan but I also know that whenever I heard about someone winning an appeal it was because of J.D Advising. Not only did J.D. Advising win my appeal for me but they were beyond professional and prompt. I would receive a response within seconds via email and telephone weekday or weekend. They definitely released me from my stress and worry during the whole process and always kept me updated. I had heard that they were good but I never expected them to deliver like this throughout the whole process. I am so glad that I decided to put my trust in J.D. Advising! I’m now a lawyer! –  Appealed and Passed the February 2017 Bar Exam

I had taken the July 2016 Michigan Bar Exam and used Barbri as my preparation course. I found I couldn’t keep up with their demands of watching 3-8 hours of video lectures a day and then another 3-5 hours of reading and essay preparation. Even with putting in significant hours, I scored a 115. I was devastated. I spoke to a friend, who also took the bar exam one time and failed, and she told me she used Ashley and Meagan for essay prep and was successful on her second attempt. She had nothing but praise for the techniques she learned from the tutoring. I met with Meagan and she didn’t sugarcoat anything, she let me know going from a 115 to passing the Bar wouldn’t be easy and they needed to know that I was on board 100% and would follow all required tasks they required. To prepare for the Feb 2017 Bar, I took their Bar prep course and I was astonished at the difference between Barbri and their course. I felt that I was learning every single day and they really demanded a lot of me. Their outlines are by far the best pieces of learning material out there and they really take the time to highlight the really important material, not to mention they are extremely assessable which is a huge comfort. As a result of their course, I received a 133.5 Almost a 16 point increase!!!  I would’ve passed had I not run out of time, which was my fault because I read a question wrong and had to redo it. Even though I had increased 15.5 points, I hadn’t passed the Bar. Once I received my essays, Meagan and Ashley took a look at them and later on that same day, they let me know they thought I had a very good shot at passing on appeal. They provided me with a detailed explanation of which essays they thought we could appeal and also the reasoning behind it. The appeal of a  Bar Exam isn’t inexpensive, its quite costly, no matter whom you go to write it. With that said, you want to go to the best, and Ashley and Meagan have an overwhelming success record when it comes to appeals. They constantly write a majority of the successful appeals and this gave me great confidence. They never promised anything and in fact, told me to continue preparing for the upcoming Bar exam. Also, when taking in to account If I wanted to appeal my exam with them was the fact I had spoken to a couple of individuals in the past who wanted them to appeal the Bar exam on their behalf and Ashley and Meagan had to decline. They didn’t think they had a reasonable shot at obtaining the required points. This speaks volumes as to the integrity of these two people. I decided to pursue an appeal with Ashley and Meagan. From the start they kept me updated on everything,every step of the way. They take care of all the work, including dropping off the required copies of the appeals to the Bar offices in Lansing. Im happy to say I received the two points I needed to pass the Bar and am now a practicing attorney. Ashley and Meagan helped me achieve a life long dream and I will always be indebted to them for this. –  Appealed and Passed the February 2017 Bar Exam

After I first received my bar exam results, I was completely devastated. The score I has earned was 2 points lower than what I needed in order to pass the exam. I immediately reached out to Ashley Heidemann, who I had heard marvelous things about. From the start to the process, Ashley was nothing but kind and helpful! She guided me through each question that was going to be appealed and explained everything very detailed. Anytime I had a question or concern, Ms. Heidemann was extremely prompt in her response. Within 24 hours I always had an answer to my questions. I needed 3 points to pass and that is exactly what I got! I cannot be more grateful for the service and kindness JD Advising provided. Thank you! – Appealed and Passed the July 2016 Michigan bar exam

Learning that I failed the Bar exam by one point was absolutely devastating. I did some research on Bar exam appeals and decided to reach out to the Heidemann Law Firm. I emailed my answers to Ashley on Saturday morning and she replied back in a couple hours with specific opinions on each answer. Not only were Ashley’s opinions thorough, they were also honest. There wasn’t one point during our consultation that I thought I was just being told what I wanted to hear. It was that level of dedication and professionalism that led me to retain the Heidemann Law Firm for my appeal.

During the drafting process, both Ashley and Meagan kept in constant contact with me (at my request—they left it up to me to decide how involved I wanted to be with the drafting). Once finished, they hand delivered my appeal to the State Bar and provided me with a receipt!

After waiting a month, I received the best Christmas Present ever—I received the one point I needed to pass the Bar!

My whole experience with the Heidemann Law Firm made both failing and appealing the Michigan Bar Exam as stress-free as it can be. I would gladly and eagerly suggest them to anyone who is even considering an appeal. – Appealed and Passed the July 2016 Michigan bar exam

Failing the bar exam by 1 point is not one’s best moment.  I was devastated to learn that I failed the July 2016 Michigan Bar Exam by one point. I contacted Ashley Heidemann immediately and she urged me to get my essays back from the Board of Law Examiners. I received my essays back on a Saturday and sent them to Ashley and she reviewed them right away! Ashley showed great compassion and a deep understanding of what I was going through. She sent back a detailed analysis of each question that I should and should not appeal. From that moment on I knew she was the right choice to write my appeal. Ashley and her co-partner Meagan both go above and beyond in their process to make sure they write the best possible appeal to get you your license.  Ashley and Meagan would both contact me every 2-3 days to inform me on the status of the appeal. Ashley always replies to e-mails and phone calls very promptly!  When I met with Meagan she allowed me to review my appeal with as much time as I needed.  Ashley and Meagan are both very professional and there is no doubt in my mind that they are the best in the business when it comes to Michigan Bar Exam Appeals.  I received the one point I needed on appeal and I am so happy I trusted Ashley Heidemann. It would be reckless for anyone to not go with Ashley Heidemann for their Bar Exam Appeal.  Thanks to her I am finally at ease and she is the reason why I am going to be practicing law.– Appealed and Passed the July 2016 Michigan bar exam

I would only recommend the Heidemann Law Firm to write someone’s bar exam appeal. Ashley and Meagan offer only the highest amount of professionalism during the appeal process.

At the beginning of the appeal process, they provided me with in-depth and honest feedback regarding my essays. They also always answered any question I had about the process in a timely manner and with great detail. Most importantly, Ashley and Meagan do a great job fighting for you.

Even before I received the two points I needed to pass the bar exam, I felt that I made the best choice hiring Ashley and Meagan, and I hope anyone who needs to appeal the bar exam chooses the Heidemann Law Firm. – Appealed and Passed the July 2016 Michigan bar exam

I was devastated when I realized my name was not on the bar examination pass list. After receiving the official letter, confirming that I failed by only one point, I decided it was worth it to file an appeal. My boss suggested that I contact The Heidemann Law Firm. They responded quickly to all of my emails and telephone calls, even after business hours and on weekends. They were always professional, extremely knowledgable and incredibly nice!

Ashley and Meagan told me that there were arguments they could make on appeal, after reviewing my essays. They answered all of my questions and explained that there were never any guarantees, because of the inherent risk of appealing bar exam results.

I decided to appeal, with the help of The Heidemann Law Firm, and I am very happy that I did. They went above and beyond, providing exceptional service, during the entire appeal process. I was completely at ease, knowing that they were handling my appeal as if it were their own.  I only needed one point and ended up receiving three points on appeal and passing with a 136. I was extremely happy that I did not have to sit for the bar exam again.Thanks to The Heidemann Law Firm, my appeal was successful and I am licensed!  – Appealed and Passed the February 2016 Michigan bar exam 

I’d had the pleasure of working with Ashley in the past for tutoring so when I realized I was one point away from passing the bar exam, she was the first person I contacted. Ashley has always been extremely professional and is quick to respond to emails. In addition to this, she is an amazing person who will go out of her way to ensure you are comfortable from the moment you walk in the door. The appeal Ashley and her team wrote was extremely thorough. I could tell they put their heart and soul into it even though there was a likely chance only the first question would be read when the board determined whether to grant me the needed point. I highly recommend Ashley and the team at Heidemann Law Firm for any of your matters, but especially for the Bar Appeal process. – Appealed and Passed the February 2016 Michigan bar exam

I was devastated when I realized my name was not on the bar examination pass list. After receiving the official letter, confirming that I failed by only one point, I decided it was worth it to file an appeal. My boss suggested that I contact The Heidemann Law Firm. They responded quickly to all of my emails and telephone calls, even after business hours and on weekends. They were always professional, extremely knowledgable and incredibly nice!

Ashley and Meagan told me that there were arguments they could make on appeal, after reviewing my essays. They answered all of my questions and explained that there were never any guarantees, because of the inherent risk of appealing bar exam results.

Ashley and her team provided exceptional service and support during a very stressful time.  I was devastated and embarrassed about failing the bar exam for a third time.  I emailed Ashley before 7 a.m. on a Saturday and she responded within 30 minutes.  Ashley made me feel better about my situation and I was certain that she would only take my case if she felt there was a likelihood of a good outcome.  After evaluating my score report and later my answers, Ashley agreed to take my case.  From that point forward, I knew that I had an advocate in Ashley.  She was professional, kind, and confident.  Hiring Ashley to handle my appeal allowed me to focus on other things.  I would recommend her without hesitation.  I feel fortunate that Ashley was on my side.  She got me the point I needed to pass the bar!  Many thanks to Ashley and her team for a job done exceptionally well! -Appealed and Passed the July 2015 Michigan bar exam 

When I got my results back from the July 2015 bar exam, I was devastated to find out that I did not pass. I needed three points to pass and contacted many attorneys to see if appealing my score was feasible. After getting different opinions from multiple lawyers, I felt most confident with Ashley. From start to finish she made the process so easy for me. I was more at ease, and felt hopeful but still had the thought of losing on appeal. My appeal was well written; it was extremely organized, easy to read, and still contained a sufficient amount of detail. Every time I called, texted, or emailed Ashley I got a prompt reply. I put all my faith into her and I could not have been happier with the end result. I got the three points that I needed and did not have to go through the torture of taking the bar exam again. I am forever grateful for Ashley! -Appealed and Passed the July 2015 Michigan bar exam 

I emphatically recommend Ashley to any person interested in appealing Michigan bar exam results. She provides the perfect combination of knowledge, skill, and unwaivering determination. Ashely genuinely cares about her clients’ best interests and will explore every option at her disposal. I can sincerely state such things because I passed the Michigan bar exam due to Ashley’s assistance. On appeal, I received the one point I needed to pass.  I felt at ease throughout the appeals process. Even without my solicitation, Ashely remained in contact with me–she provided key updates and described her courses of action. She quickly responded to every question I asked. Ashley also provided a copy of the brief; her attention to detail was quite impressive. Altogether, I couldn’t have asked for more. If you wish to successfully appeal the Michigan bar exam, please look no further than Ashley.  -Appealed the July 2015 Michigan bar exam

The day I found out my Bar result, I contacted Excellence for Law School and this was one of the best decisions I ever made. Ashley is amazing! She and her team got me 2 points back on appeal for the July 2015 Michigan bar exam. Ashley indisputably is the most diligent, meticulous, and result oriented lawyer. She so much cared about my case the entire process. She first explained the entire process in great detail. She then kept me posted about the progress of the appeal throughout the process. In addition, during the waiting period, whenever I felt nervous, disappointed, or had questions, I would talk to her and she would promptly and patiently reply and give me hope and energy. Ashley also helped me to find a judge for my swearing-in-ceremony (as I was in a rush). In sum, she is more than just an attorney. I truly enjoyed her service as well as her personality. I highly recommend her if you need to appeal your MI Bar result!  -Appealed and Passed the July 2015 Michigan bar exam 

Ashley was amazing, timely and professional.  She and her team were able to get me the two points that I needed. The appeal process was easy and Ashley gave me regular updates on the progress. I would recommend her to anyone who is seeking an appeal on their results in Michigan! – Appealed and Passed the February 2015 Michigan Bar Exam

I was very happy with the appeal that Ashley wrote for me. Throughout the process I felt that my appeal was a priority for Ashley and she regularly updated me on the status of the appeal. She explained where she thought I had a good chance of getting extra points, and how she would use the law to argue for a higher score. I was confident at every step that my appeal was in great hands, and I did get the points I needed to pass! – Appealed and Passed the February 2015 Michigan Bar Exam

While studying for the bar, I would periodically check the excellence in law school blog for some good Michigan specific information and general bar help. I never expected that it would save my bar exam. Failing the bar was a disappointing experience, but speaking to Ashley made me feel a lot better. When I came to her about my appeal, she was honest and practical with me regarding my appeal. She let me review some of the work before sending it out and was clear about exactly what we would be appealing and why. I even made some suggestions, which she took under serious consideration. I felt comfortable entrusting my appeal process to her, and she always kept me up to speed regarding the status of my appeal. Ashley got me 4 points and a pass on my bar exam! That saved me months of studying for a new exam, time waiting for the new results, and months of lost income while my student loans were coming due. Best investment I made in law school! — Appealed and Passed the July 2014 Michigan Bar Exam

Ashley Heidemann got me three points back on appeal for the July 2014 bar exam. Every other firm I talked to told me they could not get me more than two. Enough said. – Appealed the July 2014 Michigan Bar Exam

If you have any questions about the appeals process or if you are interested in having us write your appeal, please do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected] or 248-497-0187. Find more information about our appeals process by clicking here. We are happy to answer any questions you may have and help you through this process. You can also visit our official Heidemann Jabbori Law Firm Site by clicking here.