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Our JD Advising Michigan Bar Exam course is a fantastic alternative to a commercial course. Our course is tailored to exactly what is tested on the Michigan bar exam.






We have bar exam options for everyone!

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Regardless of which of the above programs you choose, you will receive:

  • The best bar exam instruction by bar exam experts
  • Outlines that are precisely tailored to the Michigan bar exam. Our outlines tell you exactly what you need to know to pass
  • Past essay questions from 2000 to the present date plus model answers, and grading by a personal essay grader
  • Over 1,500 released MBE Questions
  • How to Pass the Michigan Bar Exam book (with our Michigan bar exam one-sheets!)


COST The Michigan Bar Exam course cost is variable, based on which option you choose. This can be paid via check, cash, or credit card! We welcome payment plans through Affirm.
LOCATION It is held on demand, in person, and live online (we use a video conferencing platform where multiple people can sign in at once). 
TIME See our Michigan course syllabus if you are taking our Premium or Premium Plus course. The On Demand option is available on December 1 for February takers and May 1 for July takers.
WHAT IS COVERED?This is a full-service course. You will receive outlines for each subject, detailed instruction, and released MBE and essay questions along with model answers.
WANT MORE INFORMATION? Read course testimonials here!

Using J.D. Advising was the BEST decision I have ever made in the entirety of my academic career. I used J.D. Advising for both my MPRE prep and Bar Exam prep, and I am very proud to be able to say that I passed BOTH exams on my first try! For people who expect to pass both exams on their first try, that accomplishment might not seem that monumental or special, however, I did not do well in law school. I attribute my bar passage on my first attempt ALL to J.D. Advising!

In terms of the materials they offer, J.D. Advising’s material truly is second to none. J.D. Advising’s Bar Prep material is the gold standard in the land of Bar Prep. The material is straight to the point and only includes what you need to know in the most succinct and informative way. J.D. Advising is all about studying SMARTER and not HARDER, and they apply that mentality to all that they do…

Not only is J.D. Advising’s course material the best, but J.D. Advising’s instructors and tutors are the best too! Meagan taught my class and she exudes a knowledge of all things bar related. J.D. Advising offers a personalized experience that no commercial company can compare to. From in class sessions to literally hundreds of graded essays with valuable feedback to individual conferences, there is no better Bar Prep than J.D. Advising.