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We are fortunate to have a 95% passage rate for our July 2018 Michigan Bar Exam Essay Course!

Are you looking to supplement your commercial course or private tutoring with something that is specific and tailored to the essay portion of the Michigan exam? Apply to sign up for our Michigan Bar Exam Essay Course! This course tells you everything you need to know to conquer the essay portion of the Michigan Bar Exam. (Note: If you would like our “full service” course, click here!) We have bar review options for everyone!

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Our Michigan Bar Exam Essay Course contains a superior individualized approach that is specific to the essay portion of the Michigan Bar Exam. Our course is held in a small-group setting and we keep close track of each of the students in it to make sure everyone is on track to pass. We encourage questions. Further, we provide quizzes and essay feedback every single week so that you can be sure you are on track to pass the bar exam. We also provide a final mock Michigan Bar Exam with essay questions we expect to see tested on the Michigan Bar Exam. Lastly, we provide an On Demand option for February students or students who are not able to attend a live class.




We offer live instruction and we encourage questions and discussion. We also have an On Demand option available. We cover both substantive law that is likely to appear on the Michigan Bar Exam as well as strategies for answering Michigan Bar Exam essay questions. Our JD Advising Michigan Bar Exam Essay Course is designed by Ashley Heidemann, who is the founder of JD Advising and received a top score of 184 on the essay portion of the Michigan Bar Exam. The class is primarily taught by JD Advising course instructor, Meagan Jabbori. Meagan Jabbori is a partner at The Heidemann Jabbori Law Firm, which primarily writes Michigan Bar Exam appeals.


We create the best Michigan bar review outlines that are precisely tailored to the Michigan Bar Exam. We provide high-quality and highly tested information in an easy-to-learn, concise format. We make our outlines and design the lectures for our classes by literally reading through every past bar exam from 1990 through the present date and drawing attention to the issues that are most frequently and most recently tested. We also give students released Michigan Bar Exam essay questions so they have everything needed to pass the essay portion of the Michigan Bar Exam.



We provide a list of highly tested issues that are ripe for testing on the upcoming bar exam. We do this by studying the highly-tested topics as well as the topics that are most recently and frequently tested. For the July 2017 bar exam, we accurately predicted many of the issues on the bar exam including all of the issues tested in the Civil Procedure question, Creditors’ Rights question, Personal Property question, Family Law question, Corporations question, and Real Property question!

Many of our students find that they receive extremely high scores on the essay portion of the Michigan Bar Exam. In fact, most of our students score between 140 and 170 on the Michigan Bar Exam (which is well above the passing score of 135). We have many repeat bar exam students increase their score by 20 or 30 points on the Michigan Bar Exam!

Our July 2018 Michigan Bar Exam Essay Course had a 95% passage rate —in large part, thanks to their fantastic essay scores!



  • Our How to Pass the Michigan Bar Exam book
  • Outlines for Michigan-specific essay subjects
  • Weekly graded essay
  • Essay tips, tricks, and strategies from experts on the Michigan bar exam


COST The Premium Michigan Bar Exam Essay course costs $2,499.99. The On Demand option is $1,499.99. This can be paid via check, cash, or credit card!
LOCATION It held live in person at our office and online (we use a video conferencing platform where multiple people can sign in at once). We also have an On Demand option available.
DATES We have live class dates that begin in June. Feel free to contact us to view our syllabus.
TIME We do not currently hold this course live for the February administration. However the On Demand option is available. The July administration is from 2:30 – 4:30 PM ET on Fridays.
TEACHER Meagan is the primary teacher of the Michigan bar exam essay course.
WHAT IS COVERED? Only Michigan-specific subjects are tested. MBE subjects are not covered. (We do cover Michigan distinctions for MBE subjects.)
WANT MORE INFORMATION? Read more about why you should take our Michigan Bar Exam essay course even if you are signed up for a commercial course!
jd advising michigan bar exam essay course, jd advising mi bar exam essay course

Wondering what our students have to say about our course?

We invest three years of our lives into law school to have the opportunity to sit for the bar exam, make it count. I failed the July 2015 bar exam after using a commercial course to study. I am not blaming my failure on the commercial course, but after taking the essay course for the February 2016 bar exam, I was so much more confident. Ashley has honed in on the Michigan bar exam in a remarkable way, through comprehensive outlines, study schedules, and quizzes. Ashley combines her knowledge of the Michigan bar exam with passion and positivity. I improved my score by 16 points. I highly recommend Ashley’s course to anyone taking the Michigan bar exam.