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Michigan Board of Law Examiners Appears to get Increasingly Annoyed at Bar Exam Takers

Everyone is wondering when July 2019 Michigan bar exam results will get released. We get multiple calls and emails every day. (And no, we do not have any inside information! We are wondering just like everyone else.)

The Michigan Board of Law Examiners is evidently getting calls and emails from bar exam takers too. And this appears to be bothering them. Anyone who has been refreshing the Board of Law Examiners website (like us) is aware of this due to the various updates made to the site. You can see the progression of updates below.

One week ago:

A week ago, the Michigan Board of Law Examiners site looked like this. It just had a plain “news” section. michigan board of law examiners

Five days ago…

Then, on October 18, the Michigan Board posted this friendly reminder right under the “NEWS” section. It was a nice way of saying “please stop calling and emailing us”.

michigan board of law examiners


Then, today, on October 23, the Board evidently felt as though the reminder needed to be emphasized. It also added a note that examinees should not contact the Board about “seat numbers”.  (If you forgot to write down your seat number, you will just have to wait for your results letter to arrive in the mail!)

michigan board of law examinersSo, if you were thinking of calling the Board about results, maybe it is best to wait!

Good luck to everyone waiting for results!

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