July 2020 Michigan Bar Exam One Day & Online

More information released about July 2020 Michigan Bar Exam

On May 27, 2020, the Michigan Board of Law Examiners released more information for applicants taking the July 2020 Michigan Bar Exam. It was previously announced that the July 2020 Michigan bar Exam will be online, one day, and covering only the essay portion of the Michigan Bar Exam.

Below are some of the highlights from the Michigan Board’s announcement on the July 2020 Michigan Bar Exam:

More information released about July 2020 Michigan Bar Exam

The Michigan Board of Law Examiners released more information on the July 2020 Michigan Bar Exam. Here are a few notes that we believe applicants should be aware of:

1. No handwriters allowed

The announcement states: “Those who registered to handwrite the exam must contact the Board to indicate whether they will test remotely by laptop, transfer to the February 2021 exam, or wish to receive a full refund and withdraw from the Michigan law licensing process.” Thus, if you were planning to handwrite your exam, make sure to contact the board ASAP!

However, this may not be the case for students with accommodations, which is not clarified in the announcement.

2. You must be in your seat and in view of the camera

The announcement clarifies: “Once a module begins, you must remain in your seat and in view of the camera while testing.” This also means that your computer has to have sound and video capabilities. This will be a way to curb cheating, and means you cannot get up during the exam!

3. Closed book 

This should come as no surprise to students—the exam is closed book. The Michigan Board of Law Examiners states: “No access to notes, study aids, or any other type of assistance of any kind is permitted.” Also, the Board clarifies: “Artificial intelligence and video will flag any irregularities. The Board will review irregularities and anyone determined to have cheated on the exam will be referred to character and fitness and may be denied a law license.”

Thus, anyone taking the July 2020 Michigan Bar Exam will not be able to use any outside materials during the exam.

4. No scratch paper

This is different from the usual in-person Michigan Bar Exam, where you have printed questions and are able to take notes on/underline/highlight it. Yet, the announcement states: “however, the software contains a notes pop-up feature for use while testing.” So, this will be a way for students to take notes on the questions. But, there likely will not be a way to highlight and underline the text of a question on the screen.

5. One-hour increments of three questions

According to the announcement, “All applicants will begin the exam modules at the same time, irrespective of the time zone . . . . The exam modules are limited to one hour consisting of three questions for those testing under standard conditions. . . . A short period of time will be allotted between modules for comfort breaks and a lunch period will also be determined.”

This is very different from the normal, in-person exam, where there are 9 questions administered before lunch, and six questions after lunch. For the 15 essay questions, students will be given three at a time, meaning there will be five sets of questions. Depending on how long the breaks are in between each set of questions, this exam could go much longer than a normal bar exam. Of note: if the break is long enough, you may be able to get up and take a restroom break in between sets of essays.

Final thoughts

There are many more notes in this announcement, so make sure to read it carefully for yourself! We only highlighted parts of it. Good luck studying for the July 2020 Michigan Bar Exam!

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