MPRE Passing Scores by StateTopic 4: MPRE Passing Scores by State

If you are wondering what a passing MPRE score is in your state, you can check this convenient table of MPRE passing scores by state. Here, we tell you the minimum passing MPRE score for each state.

Note that the MPRE is scored on a 50 to 150 scale. Each score is converted from a raw score using a formula that is not disclosed by the National Conference of Bar Examiners (NCBE). Thus, the number below is not representative of the percentage of questions you need to answer correctly. (In fact, in most states, it appears as though you need to get 56-60% correct to pass the MPRE!)

Note that this MPRE passing scores by state chart is to be used as a reference only. You should check with your jurisdiction for the most updated information about what a passing MPRE score is in your state.mpre passing score by state chart, mpre passing score by jurisdiction, passing mpre score

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