What Is The MPRE Raw Score Needed to Pass the MPRE Exam?

MPRE raw score

What Is The MPRE Raw Score Needed to Pass the MPRE Exam?

What MPRE raw score do you need to pass the MPRE exam? This is a common question among MPRE takers. The National Conference of Bar Examiners does not release taker’s MPRE raw score, so it is impossible to tell you the precise number of questions you need to answer correctly. However, we hope that the information below will shed some light upon what constitutes a passing score on the MPRE.

What Is The MPRE Raw Score Needed to Pass the Exam?

Susan M. Case, Ph.D., is a former director of the National Conference of Bar Examiners who wrote an article in 2011 entitled “Common Goals with Increasingly Similar Outcomes: Jurisdiction Approaches to Bar Exam Grading, Scoring, and Standards.” In this article, she provides information to help students gauge how many questions they need to answer correctly on the MPRE in order to pass. From this article, here’s how many you need to answer correctly to receive a particular scaled score on the MPRE.

  • For a score of 100 = 34 correct out of 50 (approximately 68% correct)
  • To get a score of 85 = 30 correct out of 50 (approximately 60% correct)
  • For a score of 80 = 29 correct out of 50 (approximately 58% correct)
  • To get a score of 75 = 28 correct out of 50 (approximately 50% correct)

Keep in mind that the number of questions examinees need to answer correctly varies slightly from administration to administration. This accounts for the difficulty of the exam. However, the numbers will not change too much from the information noted above.

The MPRE should not be underestimated. Two questions can make the difference between passing (answering 60% of the questions correctly) and failing the exam (answering 50% of the questions correctly) in many jurisdictions! It is incredible that the difference between a score of 75 and a score of 85 is only two questions! Many bar review courses and law schools state that if you answer approximately 32 questions correctly, you will likely receive an 85 on the exam.

Therefore, you are most likely in the passing range if you are scoring between 30 and 35 (out of 50 questions) on your practice exams. So, if you are not consistently scoring within this range, it is a good idea to allocate more time to reviewing the rules that are frequently tested on the MPRE. Keep in mind the exceptions to the attorney-client privilege and the duty of confidentiality.  And memorize the rules pertaining to conflicts of interest.

What is a Passing MPRE Score in My Jurisdiction?

Finally, each state sets its own passing score for the MPRE. So, to determine how many questions you need to answer correctly in your jurisdiction, see this list of scores needed in each jurisdiction.  Passing scaled scores range from 75 to 86.

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