increase your MPRE score, mpre sample questionsMPRE Sample Questions: Where to Find Them

The Best MPRE sample questions are those released by the National Conference of Bar Examiners (NCBE).  These MPRE sample questions are the best because they are past released MPRE questions or closely styled from past released MPRE questions. Here, we tell you where to find these questions as well as additional sources for MPRE sample questions. 

MPRE Sample Questions: Where to Find Them

There are two sources for MPRE sample questions:

A free source: Check out this link from the NCBE, which contains 15 MPRE sample test questions. It is worth it to go over these questions carefully. You will see that they are well written and of higher quality than most questions invented by a commercial course.

Paid sources: you can also purchase MPRE sample questions here. Here, we have the two MPRE 60-question exams with answers promulgated by the NCBE. (Note these are also available from the NCBE, but they are more expensive if you purchase them directly from the NCBE.)

Additional (free) MPRE Questions: 

Note that we also list some sources for free MPRE questions here. Be aware that any questions invented by a commercial course — such as Barbri, Kaplan, or Themis — are not as high quality as questions that are promulgated by the NCBE. If you wish to complete practice questions invented by courses, there is nothing wrong with that. But the “real” MPRE questions will be closer to what you see on test day. We recommend that you complete at least one timed exam with real MPRE questions.

We also have over 150 free MPRE questions that come with our free MPRE course, which you can find here.

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