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Your MPRE Study Plan – An Ideal Approach With An Ulterior Motive!

It is very important to have a good MPRE study plan!  The MPRE is not something to blow off, and thus you want to make sure your MPRE study plan sets you up for success.  However, a good MPRE study plan can do more than just prepare you for the MPRE.  It can also give you an inside look into a company’s approach to bar exam preparation.  Accordingly, it is an excellent idea to use this as an opportunity to investigate how a company will prepare you for an exam!

Your MPRE Study Plan – An Ideal Approach With An Ulterior Motive!

There are many companies, big and small, that claim to have the ideal formula for helping you pass an exam.  Every company has its pros and cons, and each one might be more beneficial for different people.  If you’ve never been exposed to these companies before you have to sign up for a bar exam prep course, you might be a little lost as to what each company can offer you.

But you are in luck! Many of these companies, including JD Advising, offer a free MPRE course!  It is therefore useful for you to work at least one, if not multiple, of these free courses into your MPRE study plan!  Taking a company’s free MPRE course will give you an idea of how they approaching teaching and setting you up for success on an exam.  You can even experience a basic version of their technological setup, although it is unlikely to have all of the bells and whistles that their paid courses will.  Even in a more simplistic form, you can get a feel for each company and evaluate what you like about them.  Did their lectures teach you what you need to know?  Was everything presented in a beneficial manner?  Did they provide other useful study aids to help you learn the material?

When crafting your MPRE study plan, make sure that you are starting early enough to give you ample time to learn the material and explore your options.  While it is possible to pass the MPRE after only a week of studying, that is not something we recommend!  Take your time and make sure you have a firm grasp of the highly tested rules.  And take advantage of this opportunity to learn more about bar exam prep companies!  This gives you an ulterior motive to your MPRE study plan, and it is one that you shouldn’t pass up.  Sign up for a couple free MPRE courses and consider which ones might have helped you the most.  You have nothing to lose financially at this point, and everything to gain if it helps you make a decision about bar prep.

Going into bar exam prep without any idea of how to select a course can be overwhelming!  Thus, be sure to develop an MPRE study plan that can give you a leg up when it comes to studying for the bar exam!

You can learn more about JD Advising’s free MPRE course here!

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