How MPRE Tutoring Helped Me Pass the MPRE

MPRE tutoring, law school tutoringAre you considering MPRE tutoring? Here are some recent testimonials from students who have used our services to pass the MPRE in March and August 2017. We have over a 90% passage rate for our MPRE students and some very impressive score increases (e.g. a score of 82 improving to a score of 131!). We have helped students pass the MPRE on their first, second, third, fourth, fifth+ time. 

Students find the following especially helpful about our MPRE tutoring services:

  • Our tailored and updated outline
  • Our personalized one-on-one instruction on the MPRE rules
  • Our focus on the highly tested rules
  • Helpful strategies for answering multiple-choice questions
  • Coaching and support we provide each student
  • Accountability
  • The confidence they gain going into the MPRE
  • Our efficient approach

Here are a few testimonials from recent students who took the MPRE:

I took the MPRE on March 2017, shortly before graduating. I scored an 82. Unfortunately, I needed an 85 to pass in my state. After taking the bar, I contacted JD Advising. They immediately send me the MPRE outline.

As you can imagine, I was drained from the bar, so I had little to no energy for the MPRE. Luckily, I had a great tutor, Meagan, and outline. Meagan is great! She will adjust tutoring sessions to your style. During the sessions, she will point out issues that are commonly tested and those issues that most students tend to oversee.  Furthermore, she responds to every question you have and will give you tips/hints for multiple choice testing.

By my last day of tutoring, I felt confident. The day of exam, questions seemed way easier than the first time. Today, I got my score and I am happy to say I have passed the MPRE! I scored a 131, which is almost 50 points higher than my first score! This is all thanks to JD Advising and Meagan.

If you haven’t passed the MPRE or want to assure a passing score, contact JD Advising! You won’t regret it.  – Passed the MPRE in August 2017 

I took the MPRE for the first time in August 2017 and received a score of 113, thanks to the help of JD Advising. I am not a strong standardized test or multiple choice test taker, so I was extremely worried about passing the MPRE. With the help of the MPRE course taught by Meagan and the outline, I was able to learn the material efficiently and effectively. I am so grateful for JD Advising’s help and highly recommend their MPRE course!
– Passed the MPRE in August 2017

As a first-time MPRE taker, I was a bit nervous as I walked into the testing center. However, my confidence had been bolstered by the stellar MPRE prep services offered by JD Advising, specifically a two-day, six-hour weekend preparation course. JD Advising’s outline was an immensely useful, concise summary of the material that test-takers need to succeed on the exam. Also valuable were Meagan’s in-class instructions, as we worked through practice questions to cement our understanding and learn how to apply the rules on an exam. As a result of JD Advising’s services and materials, I was able to achieve a score of 106 on my first MPRE attempt! I would highly recommend JD Advising for first-time or subsequent MPRE takers! – First-time MPRE taker, August 2017

I took the MPRE three times and missed a passing score by one point all three times before I turned to JD Advising. MPRE was the first time I used JD Advising, and once I did, I wished I knew about them when I took the LSAT and during my first year of law school!

I had used commercial courses each time before. I found that all commercial courses harp on doing a lot of simulated questions. I used three different nationally recognized courses each time and kept scoring an 84, which was one point shy of passing the MPRE in Michigan.

I found that JD Advising took a different approach of: “learn the rule” rather than learn the questions. They believe that if you really know the material, you don’t need to do a lot of practice questions. Meagan’s lecture explained each rule in everyday examples and really broke down how each rule is applied. I was a little nervous going into the MPRE for a fourth time with only having done one group of practice questions this time around.

I went from an 84 to a 110 with JD Advising. I could not be happier with the quality of their outlines, the level of professionalism, and the simple fact that their staff would email me directly within minutes when I had any questions.

I was so blown away by JD Advising, that I immediately wrote a check to them for their Bar Preparation Course. The Staff at JD Advising is superior in regards to knowledge, but the real advantage you get when you hire them is the fact that you have access to someone who will answer your calls and emails because they really care about your success. – Third time MPRE taker, August 2017

I was a first time exam taker in March, and I thought I would be okay if I just read the model rules themselves. On the week of the MPRE I still found myself getting over half of the practice questions incorrect. In a panic, I contacted JD Advising and set up one private tutoring session to take place the day before the MPRE. The outline that they sent was well organized, thorough, and included really helpful visuals. Meagan did a great job of identifying important small issues that test takers often neglect to study, and I went into the exam feeling much more confident. I passed with a 116. I would definitely recommend JD Advising if you want to study efficiently- reading the model rules is not enough, and the Barbri videos would have taken a lot of time (my classmates felt like they weren’t prepared for the exam after using them anyway). In comparison, Meagan’s hour-long session was so clarifying and the outline allowed me to quickly review the biggest topics. It was a worthy investment of time and money.  – First Time MPRE Taker, March 2017

I cannot recommend the services and materials, and tutoring of Ms. Mehta, of JD Advising enough. For anyone who wants to ensure they pass the MPRE, I would suggest you give JD Advising and their wonderful tutors a chance.

I was a frustrated law school grad who had passed the bar exam on the first try but found myself struggling with the MPRE. I had attempted the MPRE four times previously and had managed to only score, at the highest, a 74. I tried the commercially available prep materials and programs but to no avail. In fact, my lowest score came after utilizing materials provided by one of the most well-known legal test prep companies. I finally decided to give using a tutor a try and found JD Advising.

From day one, I was completely satisfied with my interactions with JD Advising. All of the staff were extremely helpful and responsive to every question and concern I had. The materials and resources provided approached the material in a way that I had not been exposed to and were more helpful than all other materials I had used, combined. I went into the MPRE more confident and prepared than I had before and it showed.

During the exam, I actually saw various questions that were very similar to practice questions I had gone over. I was able to work through the questions using my knowledge of the rules and comments in a way that I hadn’t known previously. I know a lot of people say, “the results speak for themselves,” but in the case of JD Advising, they truly do. I achieved a 94 on the test (passing in any jurisdiction) and was able to cross my last hurdle to being a licensed attorney. I took my Oath of Admission this week and I’m not sure it would have all been possible without the services of JD Advising. So, trust me when I say the results speak for themselves.

Again, a huge “Thank you,” to JD Advising and Ms. Mehta for all the help. I couldn’t have done it without you. – Fifth Time MPRE Taker, March 2017

I took the MPRE and used a commercial course two times.  With both exams I used a different course, listened to an online lecture and did tons of practice questions. I failed by one point each time. It wasn’t until I sat with Meagan from JD advising and took a new approach that I passed. Instead of doing tons of questions, she taught me the rules and how to apply them. I scored an 84 two times and after my one on one tutoring, I scored a 110. JD advising focuses on teaching you to study smart rather than time wasting techniques that other commercial courses teach. – Third Time MPRE Taker, March 2017

I had taken the MPRE three times when I contacted JD Advising. I scored an 80 on my third attempt, but I still did not feel confident with the material.  I was worried that I would never achieve a passing score. After passing the July 2016 Bar Exam on my first try, I realized that it was the style of questioning on the MPRE that was tripping me up. I contacted JD Advising because it seemed that I was not the only one having trouble with this exam. In fact, many of my colleagues who “didn’t study” or “just used the free outlines” for the MPRE later admitted that they had used commercial tutoring services to pass. I contacted JD Advising because I heard about their success rate. The staff was so professional and courteous and answered all my questions before signing up. JD Advising’s outline was so organized, and it covered scenarios that I had encountered on prior exams but which were not covered in free online MPRE materials. Lynn was my tutor, and she was so helpful. I really cannot thank her enough for everything she did. I had five sessions with her, so we were able to cover all of the material in depth. She answered all of my questions and made sure that I felt confident before the exam. After tutoring, I passed the March 2017 MPRE with a score of 113! I was thrilled! I would recommend Lynn and JD Advising to everyone taking the MPRE, even people taking the exam for the first time. – Fourth Time MPRE Taker, March 2017

I took the MPRE four times and on my last try decided to take one tutoring session with JD Advising. It made all the difference. I went from a score of 84 to 113. I highly recommend JD Advising, and Meagan in particular, for anyone who needs that extra push to pass the MPRE. – Fourth Time MPRE Taker, March 2017

You can find more testimonials on our MPRE tutoring page here!

Looking for MPRE tutoring?

We offer MPRE tutoring if you are interested in working one-on-one with a tutor who can help you with multiple-choice strategies as well as substantive law. We meet some students for just one session to cover MPRE strategies. Other students we meet multiple times (between two and five times). We offer tutoring online and in person.

Further, we offer group tutoring rates (if you choose to get tutored with a friend). We have a 100% passage rate for our students who have met us for MPRE private tutoring.

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