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Our Multistate Performance Test (MPT) books are a must-have for any jurisdiction that includes the Multistate Performance Test as part of its bar exam. Our MPT books combine all the performance tests from a particular type in one volume. MPTs from 2009 until October 2020 are included. Within each book, the performance tests are arranged by the year the task appeared. Included in our MPT books are the file and library for each test, the released point sheet from the National Conference of Bar Examiners (NCBE), and a model student answer from the Georgia Board of Bar Examiners’ website.

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We have all MPT questions, NCBE answers, and model student answers from the Georgia Board of Law Examiners' website from the year 2000 to October 2020.

Released Answers

You will have NCBE-released point sheets as well as model student answers for each of the MPT questions available to so you know you are on track.


We regularly update our MPT books to reflect the most recent MPTs available from the NCBE (this is currently the October 2020 administration).

Instant Access

We provide instant access upon checkout so you don't have to wait to start practicing.

Tailored to You

You can choose to purchase all MPTs or pick and choose the types of MPTs you want to practice.

A Great Supplement

We provide a great resource for extra MPT practice so that you can walk into the bar confidently!


A few important details:

  • > Our MPT books will help you if you are in any jurisdiction that administers the Uniform Bar Exam (UBE) or the Multistate Performance Test (MPT).
  • > Our MPT books are $79.99 each and $199.99 (a $40 savings if you buy them together).
  • > You can see the total number of pages and questions in each book below.

Types of MPTs offered

  • > Objective Memoranda: 22 previously tested MPTs, examiner’s point sheets, and model student answers, composed solely of objective memoranda. 682 pages.
  • > Persuasive Briefs and Memoranda: 15 previously tested MPTs, examiner’s point sheets, and model student answers, composed solely of persuasive briefs. 486 pages.
  • > “Other” Tasks: 21 previously tested MPTs, examiner’s point sheets, and model student answers, composed solely of less commonly tested tasks. 650 pages.

Many students find it helpful to supplement our MPT books with our MPT Guide, MPT Seminar or MPT essay feedback.


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