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The Multistate Performance Test (MPT) is the most overlooked portion of the exam. Many students put it off until the last minute, and then they are not sure how to tackle this extremely important part of the exam.

The MPT is worth 20% of your score in a UBE jurisdiction. This is the equivalent of 70 multiple-choice questions! Since many students do not prepare adequately for the MPT, you will put yourself at a huge advantage by preparing, and by taking advantage of this MPT Seminar.

JD Advising’s MPT Seminar will provide you with the guidance that you need so that you can excel on the MPT portion of the bar exam.

What does the MPT Seminar cover?

At the three-hour MPT Seminar, you will learn about how to tackle the MPT portion of the exam. We will tell you how to tackle the MPT on exam day. We also give you and go over MPT cheat sheets so that you know how to format the MPTs (which is an easy way to obtain points!). Then, our course instructor will walk you through an objective memo, persuasive brief, and an opinion letter MPT as well as examples of good student answers. You will receive the assignments ahead of time so that you can review them before the Seminar. Lastly, the Seminar will equip you with a plethora of tips on everything from timing to how to handle a wildcard MPT task. The Seminar is prerecorded, so you can watch it at your convenience!


COST $549.99
FORMAT  Prerecorded 
DATE The prerecorded seminar for July 2020 will be available by early July.
LENGTH The MPT Seminar is approximately three hours long.
WHAT IS COVERED? Learn how to master the MPT and obtain as many points as possible on this portion of your exam. We tell you a general MPT attack strategy, how to format each type of MPT, and we go over the most common tasks—the objective memo, persuasive brief, and opinion letter. We also discuss how to handle a “wildcard” or MPT task
MATERIALS The MPT Seminar material is provided electronically.


CAN I JUST SIGN UP FOR A PRIVATE MPT SESSION? Yes, we offer MPT tutoring which you can learn more about on our bar exam private tutoring page. We also offer MPT feedback options if you are interested in MPT feedback on your personal MPTs.
WHAT OTHER MPT OPTIONS DO YOU OFFER? You can read more about our other MPT options here.


I found the seminar to be extremely helpful! The type of MPT was predicted accurately so I was able to really focus on the suggested subject areas prior to the exam. It was a great supplement to the commercial bar prep class I took, which I found to be overly generalized. I also really appreciated the formatting templates as well! I would definitely recommend the course to anyone studying for the UBE.