Multistate Essay Exam Subject Frequency Chart 

UBE Frequency Chart 6

Looking for a good Multistate Essay Exam (MEE) subject frequency chart? We have compiled a chart of the essay subjects tested on the MEE since 2007 through the most recent exam.

The essay chart will show you which subjects tend to be super highly tested (ahem, Civ. Pro.!) and which ones are not tested as often (crim law, crim pro, and conflict of laws).  You can also see the subjects that have a higher chance (and a lower chance) of appearing on your essay exam (Torts, Evidence, and Constitutional Law, for example, are less popular than some of the other subjects, like Contracts, Real Property, etc.) If you would like to read a post that discusses the Multistate Essay Exam in more detail, please see this post.

If you are looking for only the six essays that have been tested on the Uniform Bar Exam, please see this post for our UBE ChartWe recommend you review this Uniform Bar Exam/MEE chart (in lieu of the one below) if you are taking the Uniform Bar Exam.

Feel free to download and share the Multistate Essay Exam subject frequency chart but please link to us if you share it online!

Below find an updated bar exam question frequency chart.

UBE Frequency Chart 5

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The MEE essays tested on the February 2020 MEE (and UBE) were:

  • Contracts
  • Real Property
  • Civil Procedure
  • Secured Transactions
  • Agency
  • Evidence/Criminal Law

The MEE essays tested on the July 2019 MEE (and UBE) were:

  • Decedents’ Estates/Conflict of Laws
  • Criminal Procedure
  • Corporations
  • Contracts
  • Family Law
  • Civil Procedure/Constitutional Law

Please see a list of all MEE subjects tested each year in this post. Please see a more detailed analysis of what is likely to appear on the MEE by checking out our UBE frequency chart here.

Wondering what the highly tested issues on the MEE are? 

We have a few different resources that tell you exactly what you need to know!

First, if you are looking for a free resource, we have a fantastic and highly regarded PDF on How to Pass the Multistate Essay Exam and video on how to pass the Multistate Essay Exam with excellent essay charts as well as an overview of the highly tested MEE topics and areas of law for each subject.

To have the PDF on how to pass the Multistate Essay Exam sent right to your inbox, just fill out this form. This contains a paragraph of information on the highly tested topics for each MEE subject.

You can also watch the video below. The video is less than 20 minutes long and the PDF is super-concise but packed with great information. We highly recommend you download the PDF in conjunction with watching the video. These guides will help you if you are in a state that has adopted the UBE.

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