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multistate essay exam tutor How a Multistate Essay Exam Tutor Can Help You Pass the Bar Exam! The Multistate Essay Exam (MEE) is offered in many jurisdictions including all UBE jurisdictions. The Multistate Essay Exam is an important component of the bar exam for it is usually worth 30% of an applicant’s score on the bar exam. Thus, the grades received on the Multistate Essay Exam can certainly make the difference between passing and failing the bar exam!  We have helped several students pass the Multistate Essay Exam with flying colors! In this post, we tell you how a Multistate Essay Exam tutor can help you maximize your chances of receiving a high score on the Multistate Essay Exam and therefore, passing the bar exam.

A Multistate Essay Exam Tutor can help you in the following ways:

A Multistate Essay Exam Tutor can help you be the most efficient when you study. Time is your absolute most important asset during the bar exam. As tutors, we believe that efficiency is crucial to maximizing your time. Thus, we provide outlines that are hand-tailored to the Multistate Essay Exam.  We make them by going through every single multistate essay exam from 1995 until the present date. We indicate which issues are very heavily-tested (which ones you should know super-well!) and which ones you can get away with not knowing as well. This provides an efficient approach to bar prep. Students say our outlines are “worth their weight in gold” and that these alone make it worth it to hire a Multistate Essay Exam tutor.

A Multistate Essay Exam Tutor can focus on the most highly-tested and most difficult areas of law. We go over the most highly-tested, tricky areas for students. We try to spend our time on the areas of law that are most-tested during our sessions so that students can maximize their time during a session and outside of a session.

A Multistate Essay Exam Tutor can teach you how to structure and format your essays. Many students struggle with structure and format. We catch a lot of mistakes that students do not even realize they are making (such as students repeating facts without necessarily analyzing them, or students not addressing the call of the question, etc.).

A Multistate Essay Exam Tutor can provide invaluable, individualized feedback. We offer unlimited grading of essay questions and individualized feedback. We can tell you exactly what you are doing correctly and what you need to improve on.

A Multistate Essay Exam Tutor can help you make your ideal bar study schedule. Half of the battle when studying for the bar exam is learning when to study, how long to study, and what to study! We help students plan their schedule (by day and by week). Students who meet with us once a week will receive a weekly list of assignments to complete.

A Multistate Essay Exam Tutor can help you improve your overall score. We can teach you tips and tricks on how to make sure you do not struggle with timing. We can also answer any questions you have about structure, format, or substance.

The MEE is an important part of the bar exam and worth a significant part of your bar exam score. It can definitely make the difference between passing and failing the bar exam! Fortunately, we can help you increase your score in an efficient and effective manner so that you feel confident going into the MEE.