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If you are the kind of person that cannot sit back and relax and feels the need to constantly hit the “refresh” button on the Michigan Board of Law Examiner’s website – join the club. However, you may also find it getting in the way of your productivity or simply get sick of it.

So if you want to try a new method to monitor the Board of Law Examiner’s website: you might want to try this neat little tool called “page monitor” that I have just started using to monitor the Board of Law Examiner’s website (Note: The link will go to the chrome page monitor but you can find one for most browsers – just Google “page monitor”).

The page monitor is free and it takes five seconds to install. Simply click “Monitor this page” on the Michigan Board of Law Examiner’s website and then go to your settings and ask it to check back to the page every five seconds. I made it “chime” so that a chime goes off whenever changes are made. (Note: some page monitors only check pages once a day or once every couple hours – so make sure you get one that can check the page frequently!). 

I have never tried this method before so I wasn’t sure what to expect. I only started trying it today. But sure enough, the page monitor chimed TWICE today (around 2:30 PM) and almost gave me a heart attack. Apparently, the Board of Law Examiners updated the security policy and the FAQ section. This means they are making changes!  Again, today is the first day I have tried this page monitor, so maybe they have been making changes to the site every day and maybe there is nothing to be excited about…we’ll see.



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