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New LSAT Format: Everything You Need To Know!

LSAC made a huge announcement about the future LSAT format on October 3. This announcement marks a significant change in how the LSAT is administered. Continue reading to see where the LSAT is heading!

New LSAT Format: Everything You Need To Know!

LSAC announced October 3 that the LSAT format will start to transition to digital starting in July 2019.┬áLSAC tested a digital administration in June 2018 on a small scale. The results must have been fairly positive. They are continuing with a pencil and paper approach until June 2019. Then, they’ll start to phase in the digital LSAT over two administrations. Here are some other commonly asked questions about the transition!

1. When can we expect changes to the LSAT format?

LSAC announced they would begin to use a digital format for the July 2019 LSAT. In their statement, they say they wanted to make the change at the end of this admissions cycle so everyone who thought they would take a pencil and paper exam could. Then, starting in September 2019, they will start offering the LSAT exclusively in the digital format.

2. Does everyone have to take the LSAT in digital format in July 2019?

It does not sound like it! LSAC announced that the transition would start with the July 2019 LSAT. It seems some tester takers at each testing site will use the digital format, and some will stick with the pencil and pen approach. However, by the September 2019 LSAT, everyone will take the test in the digital format.

3. What else stands out for the July 2019 LSAT?

A huge change is that, for the July 2019 administration, takers will get to see their scores before they decide to cancel them! In their statement, LSAC stresses this is for the July 2019 administration only, and that they decided this was the best way to accommodate for any implementation snafus time errors. This way, any hiccups in administering the new LSAT format won’t affect anyone’s application to law school should any glitches occur.

4. Will digital takers have to provide their own tablets to take the test?

No! LSAC will provide the tablets. They will also install special software for the LSAT. It sounds like all you need to do is show up at a testing center with I.D., although LSAC may provide more details closer to the administration. LSAC also plans on releasing practice material geared for use on a tablet moving forward. However, since it sounds like these might not be as widely available before the July 2019 test as their current prep material is, they’re allowing score cancellations as stated above.

5. Will the format of the questions and test change?

No! Despite moving to a digital format, the substance of the LSAT will not change. Testing from June 2018 showed students handled the new digital approach well, so LSAC does not anticipate adjusting the test substance during this transition.

6. What are some other benefits of the LSAT format change?

For those who have trouble with the small type of the printed LSAT material, the new LSAT tablets will have screen readers and various other features to assist. In addition, now that the LSAT format is no longer in Scantron form, LSAC anticipates that scores will not take as long to report. This makes sense. Now that there is no need to scan answer sheets, writing samples, and the other parts of the test, LSAC can get scores out faster.

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