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july 2014 michigan bar exam resultsThere is nothing I enjoy more in mid-to-late October than clicking the “Refresh” button on the Michigan Board of Law Examiners website to see if they have released Michigan bar exam results. If you are like me and find yourself holding a pumpkin spice latte in one hand while clicking your mouse with the other, you might wonder when to start this madness…We give you our best guess on when the July 2014 Michigan bar exam results will be released in this post. 

According to the Michigan Board of Law Examiner’s Website,  “Examination results are generally released in mid-November for the July exam and mid-May for the February exam….” However, anybody who is familiar with the bar exam will tell you that this statement is generally not true. Here is when the results have been released the last seven bar exams:

July 2013 – Results mailed 10/24/13; Results posted 10/29/13

July 2012 – Results mailed 10/25/12; Results posted 10/29/12

July 2011 – Results mailed 10/12/11; Results posted 10/17/11

July 2010 – Results mailed 10/13/10; Results posted 10/18/10

July 2009 – Results mailed 10/27/09; Results posted 10/28/09

July 2008 – Results mailed 10/31/08; Results posted 11/5/08

July 2007 – Results mailed 10/31/07; Results posted 11/5/07

Given the high number of people taking exam as well as the new “grading formula” that the Michigan Board of Law Examiners plans to apply, our best guess is that the July 2014 Michigan Bar Exam results will be continue to be mailed in the mid-to-late-October-20’s-ish, perhaps around Friday, October 24 again or the week following.

Note that this does not mean that you have to check your mail ten times a day beginning mid-October.  For the February 2014 bar exam, the Michigan Board of Law Examiners posted the list of those who would be admitted to practice law on their website based on seat number on the same day that results were mailed. While there is no official statement that says they are going to do the same this time, it seems like they will likely post the July 2014 Michigan Bar Exam results by seat number first on the day that results are mailed,  then post the names of those who are admitted to practicing law approximately 5 days later.  This is a superior approach because  bar exam students do not have to spend their days stalking the mail man and can have access to their bar exam results at the same time as all of the other students who took the July 2014 Michigan bar exam.

What if your seat number is not on the list?

  • First, make sure you had the right seat number. For the February 2014 bar exam (and thus, we assume it will be the same for this exam) the seat number that bar exam students should be looking for is the actual seat number that they were in (which might not necessarily be the same as the original seat number you were assigned).
  • Second, do not panic. Wait for your results to come in and try not to freak out about it. If you were close to passing, definitely consider the possibility of appeal. Whether you are planning to appeal or considering retaking the exam – or if you want an opinion of what your best route is –  please feel free to e-mail us at [email protected] or call me at 248-228-5547 for a free consultation, no strings attached.

Good luck to everyone awaiting results!


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