Our New Law Firm Website for The Heidemann Law Firm

Michigan bar exam appealsLooking for an attorney to write your Michigan bar exam appeal? Check out our new site! We have been writing Michigan bar exam appeals (as well as taking on a few other legal matters) through our law firm for a while now and we thought it deserved its own site.

So now we have a site dedicated solely to our law firm, The Heidemann Law Firm

The Heidemann Law Firm Website:

Our new website for The Heidemann Law Firm  advertises Michigan bar exam appeals which we consider to be our specialty. It also advertises Michigan traffic tickets. (After helping multiple clients get points eliminated after receiving a traffic ticket, we figured we would advertise this service to interested clients as well.) We occasionally take on other criminal or civil matters but Michigan bar exam appeals is our primary focus.

We won’t be updating the blog on The Heidemann Law Firm website nearly as often as we update the blog on this JD Advising site (and when we do update it, we will post any relevant bar-appeals-related information on the JD Advising site as well).

If you have any questions about the appeals process or if you are interested in having us write your Michigan bar exam appeal, please do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected] or 248-228-5547.