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Pass the Bar Exam by using NCBE Licensed MBE Questions!

Now that the bar exam is approaching quickly, give yourself a competitive advantage on the bar exam by making sure you are using actual, official, real, NCBE licensed MBE questions when you practice! Note that many commercial courses do not offer NCBE licensed MBE questions. If you are unsure, check with your course provider.

Pass the Bar Exam by using NCBE Licensed MBE Questions!

We recommend NCBE licensed questions for a few reasons:

  • they are written by the National Conference of Bar Examiners (NCBE), which is the organization that writes the bar exam
  • they are high-quality, well-written questions
  • they are the closest to what you will see on the actual bar exam (so you won’t be surprised on MBE day!)
  • they test issues that you are likely to see tested on the actual bar exam
  • you will be more confident walking into the MBE, knowing you have practiced real questions
  • you are more likely to pass the bar exam

Many students who only use course-invented questions feel surprised by the real MBE. They report feeling that the real MBE looked “nothing like” the multiple-choice questions they had seen when they practiced. Sometimes they are very upset by the experience.

Note that not all students feel this way. Some students who only use course-invented questions end up doing just fine on the MBE, and they don’t feel particularly anxious post-MBE. However, if you are reading this before you take the bar exam, we recommend that you be safe rather than sorry, and get your hands on some real MBE questions! It is ultimately worth the expense. Especially if it gives you peace of mind walking into the bar exam.

You can read this post on various sources of real MBE questions. You can also check out our MBE question bank here!

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