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Passing The Bar As A Repeat California Taker

Given California’s recent slump in bar exam passage rates, it’s no wonder that taking the California Bar Exam as a repeat test taker is becoming more and more common. In fact, the last several administrations of the California Bar Exam saw a large portion of test-takers fail. Taking the California Bar Exam and finding out you didn’t pass is difficult enough. The thought of retaking the exam can be even more dreadful and generally brings with it frustration, anxiety, and stress. It’s common for many repeat test-takers to juggle work, personal lives, and more during a second attempt at the California Bar Exam.

Passing The Bar As A Repeat California Taker

Don’t worry, there is some good news! You’ve already studied and prepared for the exam once before. So you know exactly what worked and what didn’t work for you. In addition, you now know what areas you need to focus on in order to pass the exam. You can now spend more time improving weaker areas of your performance. Everyone’s strategy for studying and preparing for the California Bar Exam a second time will be different. However, the tips found below and elsewhere on our website should help to make you feel more confident going into the next administration. Remember, thousands of people go on to successfully pass the California Bar Exam as repeat test-takers each year.

Review Your Exam Report

This should be everyone’s first step after taking some time to accept the fact that they will have to take the California Bar Exam again as a repeat test-taker. California usually sends out detailed exam reports roughly two to three weeks after exam results. The reports show just how close you were to the passing score. The reports contain your average score for each essay along with copies of your essay answers for reference. In addition, the reports outline your performance in each subject matter and provide insight as to what areas of the exam you need to improve in. Using the information in the exam report will allow you to analyze your results and get a better sense of your strengths and weaknesses so that you can more efficiently dedicate your time and energy.

Take A Different Approach

If something didn’t work well the first time around, there’s really no use in doing the same thing over. In the context of a repeat test taker preparing for the California Bar Exam, this means changing your study strategy and focusing on areas of your performance that need improvement. Many bar prep companies will either offer you a refund for your bar prep costs if you meet certain requirements or offer you a discounted (or even free) re-enrollment in your bar prep course after they find out you were unsuccessful. Be careful reviewing and taking these offers. The course may have helped on your first attempt at the exam, but it did not result in you passing. So why do the same course over again?

For example, while sitting down and occasionally reviewing pre-recorded lectures that you’ve already seen from your first attempt at taking the exam may be somewhat helpful, chances are you could probably be using your time more efficiently. You already studied once for the exam and failed. So, don’t use the same strategy twice and make the same study mistakes. Analyzing your score report will allow you to alter your study strategy. This should increase your chances of identifying areas that need attention.

Use Real MBE Questions

Repeat test-takers often think the MBE questions on the actual California Bar Exam differed from the practice MBE questions they used during prep. While the questions that many bar prep companies provide are somewhat helpful in learning what to look for in a question, there is simply no substitute for the real thing. The California Bar Exam has been around for a long time. That means there is an abundance of questions from previously administered examinations available. Check out this list of why we think using real MBE questions is imperative to your success and where to find these questions (including 100 free MBE questions with answer explanations on us!)

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