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Bar Exam Resources:

Popular JD Advising Bar Exam Resources for First-Time Bar Exam Takers

JD Advising offers a suite of resources and products for first-time bar exam takers. Below are some of our most popular products and services. We also have several products and services for law students including a free five-star MPRE course and law school tutoring.

Most popular course: On Demand Course 

Our On Demand bar exam course is extremely popular. It is an affordable course that comes with our expert instruction, fantastic outlines and materials, and all released bar exam questions!

Most popular service: Bar exam tutoring 

We have highly trained, top-performing bar exam tutors. As an added bonus, our tutoring services come with outlines and essay grading. We want to ensure you are on track to pass the bar!

Most popular supplemental products: MBE One-Sheets and MEE One-Sheets

Our MBE One-Sheets and MEE One-Sheets are some of our most popular products. Students rave about both products. They love the quick review of the highly tested areas of law.

Most popular free guides: MEE Highly Tested Topics Guide and MBE Guide

Our free guides have a plethora of information that you can access for free! Our most popular ones are our MEE Highly Tested Topics Guide and our MBE Guide.

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