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We offer full bar exam courses for jurisdictions that administer the Uniform Bar Exam (UBE) and for the Michigan Bar Exam.

Uniform Bar Exam (UBE) Course

Our Uniform Bar Exam Course is a full-service course that covers the MBE, MEE, and MPT in depth. We give you outlines, released questions, and superior instruction!  We offer an On Demand option which comes with:

  • Instruction from bar exam experts that you can watch on demand
  • Outlines that are precisely tailored to the Uniform Bar Exam
  • Released MEE and MPT questions
  • Over 1,600 released MBE questions
  • Ten essays graded throughout the course

We offer live classes only for those who choose the Premium or Premium Plus options. These options come with additional essay grading each week, live lectures, and quizzes. The live lectures are conducted online through Zoom and in a small-group setting so that we can answer questions before, during, and after class, and give each student the individualized attention they need.

Michigan Bar Exam Course

Our Michigan Bar Exam Course is a full-service course that covers the Michigan Bar Exam in depth. We give you outlines, released questions, and superior instruction! This course is our Premium Michigan Bar Exam course and fills up quickly. We have both in-person and online spots available for those who choose the Premium or Premium Plus options, though spaces are limited (and in high demand) for in-person students. The On Demand option comes with expert instruction that you can watch when and where you choose, outlines tailored to the Michigan bar exam, released essay and MBE questions, and ten essays graded throughout the course.


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15 reviews for Bar Exam Full Course

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    Rebecca M.

    I can’t thank you guys enough!! passed the NJ bar exam on my 4th try and after spending thousands of dollars elsewhere. Thank you! ?? while it’s true I put in the work, your classes, and material facilitated the whole process. Keep up the good work and here you have a forever-thankful client. Thank you is not enough!!

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    February 2020 Michigan Bar Exam taker

    Being an LL.M student who was granted waiver to take the MI Bar Exam, passing the bar exam was important to me more than anything else. Having taken the MPRE course offered by JD advising and passed it, I trusted their material. From the day I contacted JD Advising for MI Bar prep course till now, I always had a positive experience with everyone who work there. They are always helpful and supportive. Rosie is my to-go person and she is always available to answer any questions and help me for anything I need.

    I signed up for the in-person extended course. The materials were to the point and had every detail that is required to pass the bar exam. Essay weekly homework and weekly tests were really helpful to get all the practice for the essays, which was fruitful to get me an essay score of 159. For MBE, I highly recommend MBE QBank. The app was super easy to get practice in phone as well as in laptop. I followed the legal pad method and found that my scores were increasing towards the exam. Finally, I passed the MI Bar exam with a score of 143.

    I have to thank this person. Ashley! She is one of the sweetest person I have met in my life. She genuinely cared for my success and has helped me to stay positive throughout the bar prep. She is a true inspiration for hard work as well as smart work. I would also like to thank Heather who made sure that I was on schedule and always kept track of my progress. I am truly thankful and grateful to each and every one who has supported me in this journey. Thank you very much!

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    Just wanted to send you this email to share my good news in regard to the Bar Exam. After missing the July exam by one point, I’m happy to say that I passed February 2020. I saw a huge jump in my MBE (130 to 148) and in essays (139 to 158). I truly believe that the concise outlines and real MBE questions made a huge difference this time around. I just want to thank you for all you and your team has done for me.

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    Michigan Repeat Taker

    The JD Advising bar exam course is both worth the time and money! I tried Barbri before and it was very overwhelming. JDA’s course is easy to follow and it includes a detailed plan for weekly essay and MBE practice. The most helpful for me as repeat exam taker were the quizzes and the stimulated essay exams. My July 2019 scores were MBE 118 and Essay 68. My passing scores in February 2020 were MBE 122 and Essay 116 (161 converted!)!! The proof is in the numbers! The materials and outlines are very well written and straightforward! More importantly, the instructors for lectures were amazing! They provide many additional examples when explaining the law which helped with my learning style. The instructors were patient, helpful and always available for questions. I highly recommend this course especially for repeat takers. It not only prepares you for the bar exam, but it also gives you the confidence to walk into the exam feeling prepared. Thank you JD Advising!

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    Fatima A. Hammoud

    I want to thank Meagan and Rosie personally for their help on my Bar Exam journey. This full Michigan Bar Exam course contains the most straight forward and concise outlines, lectures and materials. The team at JDA is well versed in everything Bar Exam related, and you can tell from the moment you start working with them. As busy as the team is, they still make time to individually check in with every student and provide feedback on everything you turn in.

    The lectures are short, not extremely long and draining like Barbri lectures. The outlines contain everything you have to know, and thats it. You don’t feel overloaded and overwhelmed with unnecessary material. There is feedback for essays, practice graded essay exams and a QBank with all the released previous MBE questions. This program seriously puts you in the best possible position to pass this exam. It feels more like a course thats tailored for you individually rather than a blanket commercial course that treats everyone the same regardless of focusing on strengths and weaknesses.

    JDA points out the most highly tested points in every subject, and the Michigan BLE likes to retest many of these laws repeatedly, so it is well worth the time to study the outlines the way JDA sets them up. The team does all the work for you by giving you outlines that are perfect for straight forward well managed studying. You don’t feel overwhelmed and unconfident studying for or taking the bar exam on the day of. Thank you to JDA for giving me the best possible experience during this journey, and a special thanks to Rosie and Meagan for your continued help and support. It makes all the difference. 10/10 would recommend.

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    I wanted to thank you (and your bar prep program) for helping me (finally!) pass the Michigan bar exam!

    This was the fifth time I took the exam and I decided before the exam that regardless of the outcome, I was not going to take the bar again.

    The MBE has always been my weak section; I’ve always struggled with multiple choice, especially when more than one answer appears to be right. My MBE scores have consistently been in the mid-120s (110, 125, 124, 126). I’m also pretty sure that I have some form of test anxiety brought on by the pressures of the bar exam.

    Knowing this, I decided that for this exam, I was going to really going to focus hard on the essays since I knew this was an area that I felt I could really improve (113, 130, 137, 136). I used your on-demand service, your MBE one-sheets, and attended the MI Essay Seminar. Rather than watching all the lectures, I really focused on trying to fill-in the blanks of the outlines, focused on the essay portion of the How to Pass the MI bar exam book, and reviewed what felt like every single essay question and answer. Part of what I found really helpful was the student models that were provided in the book; it really helped me focus on what I needed to and didn’t need to include in my answer. I’ve always been told that I’m a very clear & concise writer, but the model answers helped me see that while I would get to the heart of the issue, I really needed to make sure that I was laying out all the law as well. I think in previous exams I left points on the table because while I knew the correct answer, I wasn’t clearly outlining how I got there. Instead of A=D, this time I made sure to show that A+B+C=D.

    While this approach was not beneficial to my MBE score (I received a 121), it really paid off in my essay score. After scaling, my converted essay score was 167 and I received 7s or above on 11 essays, including six 10s! I passed the bar exam with a total score of 144.

    I probably wouldn’t recommend this approach to most people, but it worked for me based on my previous exam experience. I credit the JD advising materials for helping me to achieve this essay score. If I had anything negative to say, it would be that I wasn’t sure if I could actually write in the books provided because they had to be returned, so I did a lot of work on scratch paper. Maybe that could be made more clear? If it was written down somewhere I definitely missed it!

    Again, I would like to thank you for helping to pass the bar exam; it still doesn’t seem quite real! I really appreciate all the effort put into your materials and the presentation of your bar prep in a straightforward way.

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    The bar exam is one of the most stressful times of a law student or attorney’s life. Study for the bar fills a person with a great deal of anxiety but I can honestly say that JD Advising helps a great deal in alleviating that stress. The bar prep course by JD is incredibly well organized and allows you to get a grasp on even the most difficult material. Aside from being structured perfectly the instructors are seriously MVPs, they are there for every step and there to answer all of your questions. As long as you do your part, you will do fine. Best decision I made was taking JD!

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    I highly recommend JD Advising. I knew I was going to use them as my prep course after learning about them my first week of law school. The material provided is easy to follow and the in-class instruction was extremely helpful for passing the bar. JD Advising provides great practice essays and multiple choice questions from pass exams which also were very helpful. The practice questions really help with the timing issues and the grading system was great in helping me know where I was and what more I needed to focus on.

    The course also provides great memorization techniques and day-off recommendations/tips which really helped me calm my nerves before the test.

    There is no doubt in my mind that JD Advising is on the top of my list of reasons I was able to pass the July 2019 Bar Exam.

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    I learned about JD Advising my first week of law school and knew it was the right prep course for me. The outlines, class instructions and practice essays are specifically tailored for the Michigan Bar Exam and the practice essay exam simulated the first half of the essay exam perfectly.

    Also, the practice multiple choice questions were an excellent help in preparing for that part of the bar exam. The material is easy to follow, the in-class instruction was great and the memorization techniques were extremely helpful.

    Not only does JD Advising provide study material, it also helps with day-of preparation and really helped calm my nerves on the day of the exam.

    I was able to pass the bar exam on the first attempt and there is no doubt in my mind that JD Advising was on top of the list of reasons why I was able to do that.

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    Jewel Haji

    The bar exam is a monster of a test, and if there is any prep company that knows how to tackle it, it’s JD Advising. Every person that works for JD Advising has unmatched skill and experience, and knows what it takes to pass. The courses are organized in a way that provide the highest quality teaching instruction, best written material available, and tips on how to conquer test day(s). As if that is not enough, JD Advising continues to be the top choice on the market because of its effort in finding innovative ways to teach the courses, and by keeping their materials as up-to-date as possible. They are not your regular, cookie-cutter bar prep company. For anyone that asks for a recommendation, JD Advising is my #1 response.

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    There is no doubt that the bar exam will be one of the most stressful experiences of your life. I was very pleased with Jd Advising’s products and services while studying for the July 2019 Michigan Bar Exam. The materials were condensed, clear, and concise. The in-class instruction was very helpful in understanding the material and navigating the outlines. If I had any questions, they were answered in a timely fashion. Everyone at JD Advising is friendly, encouraging, and there to support you with your bar exam success. I could not have asked for a better bar studying experience.

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    Preparing for the bar exam can be an extremely stressful, anxious experience.

    However, JD Advising’s course changes this narrative. You are prepared so extensively in this course by taking simulated practice essay exams and working through timed multiple choice questions every week, that you feel as if you are taking the bar exam long before you actually do.

    When the time comes to sit for the bar exam, the routine takes over as soon as the timer begins and your mind is calm and clear.

    JD Advising provides incredible outlines, access to vital study materials, real-time lectures, and enthusiastic support – all playing integral parts in assisting you in preparing for the most important exam of your legal career.

  13. Avatar


    I had taken the bar exam 2 times prior to utilizing JD Advising for bar prep and I honestly came from a place of complete hopelessness as my score had only increased by a few points. Regardless of my diligent preparation with the well known commercial courses that everyone uses, it wasn’t enough to move the needle over the line. I had always referred to JD Advisings’ blogs for advice throughout law school and the bar so I decided to pick up the phone and give them a call after having failed the second time. As discouraged as I was to give the exam another try, I was instantly reassured by their alternative approach. Their materials and outlines were an extremely useful tool, containing everything you need to know in a way that is easily digestible and the furthest from overwhelming. Additionally, If you are someone who learns better one on one, I strongly recommend Meagan’s tutoring services. I struggle with a learning disability and she was extremely patient and helpful. She will give you a step by step breakdown in conquering both portions of the exam in a customized way that works specifically for you. Aside from knowing the law like the back of her hand, she was very helpful when it came to scheduling and time management. I passed by a wide margin and went up 29 points!

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    JD Advising’s UBE course is par excellence. I cannot thank their team enough, especially Heather, Meagan, and Rosie. I wish I had known of JD Advising coming out of LL.M., I wouldn’t have chosen any other commercial company.

    I failed with Kaplan and Barbri, and after that I knew I needed some handholding throughout this journey. JD Advising met this standard of mine. The study materials are far superior and easy to understand and memorize, the quality of instruction is excellent, and the focus was more on memorization and quality practice rather than quantity. The course was not at all overwhelming unlike Barbri. The weekly quizzes were fun. The essay feedback was fantastic; I got better with my writing each week. The approach to tackling MPTs was amazing, and I got better at them too each week.

    Heather and Meagan are by far the best tutors I’ve had for bar prep. They used to take time out to answer our questions in class and would make sure we understood the subject matter before proceeding on.

    Rosie guided me to choose the best course option tailored to my needs, she was always prompt in replying to my numerous emails, and she would often check in on me.

    Thank you JD Advising for everything you’ve done for me! I’ve received a score that qualifies me to transfer it to other UBE jurisdictions!

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    Truly, I do not know where to begin. I guess the very beginning on what I first believed JD Advising to be, and then finding out it was even better than I could of imagined a company to be. Like most recent law students, JD Advising was a site that would pop up frequently when I would google whatever stress / issue law school was providing. Naturally, those changed every week and so I enjoyed the perspective / insight their blogs provided. Fast forward to graduation, I spent my last two years of law school as a Barbri rep on campus ready to attack the bar exam. Welp, after a full 3 months of non-stop obsessive studying completing 100% of Barbri’s materials, I failed. After a month of being down, I knew I had to get back up. A good friend told me about his experience with JD and how it totally changed his outlook and approach to the Bar. That same day I called and it was the last day to enroll in the UBE prep course. My only other option was taking Barbri’s class again for free. However, I knew doing that would not propel me to where I needed to be. I took the leap of faith by signing on with JD and it’s easily been the best decision I could of ever made. Rosie, and the whole JD staff have been incredible. JD is less like a bar prep company and more like a family. The studying materials are far and away better than any company I have ever seen (Barbri, Themis, and Kaplan). Additionally, their approach of quality over quantity made me go from learning for the exam, to learning for my career. Overall, my MBE score jumped 20 points, and my MEE score jumped over 10 points.

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